Get Published in 2022 Bundle

Get Published in 2022 Bundle

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As we enter 2022, have you been pondering what the next steps in your writing career are? Do you feel like 2021 ended too quickly (or not quickly enough!) and you were unable to reach certain goals you set for yourself?

This bundle has specific tips and tricks to help you stay productive, get published, and most importantly, keep a positive mindset and reach the goals you set for yourself. With these nine resources, you can feel assured that you aren't alone in your journey to success.

This digital bundle is here to support you on your path throughout the year with the digital subscription to Writer's Digest which includes all six issues for the year. Also included is one on-demand webinar specific to fiction writing and one for nonfiction. All other products relate to either types of writing. 


Writer's Digest

Digital Subscription

Every issue of Writer's Digest is devoted to helping writers develop their craft and offering expert advice on how to get published. This magazine is full of pertinent tips on writing queries, writers' rights, new markets, submission guidelines, and competitions.

In each issue:

  • Must-have tips and publishing secrets to stay inspired, creative, and motivated
  • The latest (and greatest!) markets for print and e-publishing
  • Inspirational stories of writers who are living the dream, and how they got there
  • Technique articles geared toward specific genres... and so much more!

($14.96 value for 6 issues)

Bonus free gift with subscription The Writer's Digest Guide to Creativity is included with the download bundle. Purchasers will receive a separate email with the subscription information and how to access it.



So You Want To Get Published?


Getting published has always been hard, but in this day in age it is exponentially more difficult. Publishers are taking fewer risks, paying out smaller advances, and reserving spots in their print catalogs for authors who guarantee big sales. The digital space has crowded its way into brick-and-mortars.

In this OnDemand webinar, Lane Heymont, Principal of The Tobias Literary Agency, will break down the current publishing industry, its changing markets, and help you discover where your writing fits in. Learn developmental strategies and analysis to perfect your query so you can break through those gatekeepers and land your dream - a publishing contract.

($79.99 value)

 How Do I Get My Book Published


It's the most common question all writers face, no matter where they're at in the process of developing their book. While there is no magic bullet to getting your book published, there are questions to ask yourself at the outset that can improve your chances or at least avoid a lot of work before you chase down an idea that won't prove out with a publisher.

Most writers spend months or years struggling with the question of how to get their book published. This on-demand webinar will help you learn what it takes to accomplish your goals, and how to refocus your goals if you're headed in the wrong direction.

($99.99 value)

The Publishable Novel


In this webinar, we will show you the elements and standards used by acquisition editors in selecting material, as well as the criteria and considerations, and even the attitudes that acquisition editors bring to submitted manuscripts. We will show you how to leverage your skills and experience to serve your career goals in publishing. Above all, you will learn how to get the acquisition editor to say, "Yes!"

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 Writing Basics

Digital Issue

Start writing now with four sections including:

  • Building Blocks
  • Creativity
  • Learn the craft
  • Becoming a Pro

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3 Secrets to Getting Your Nonfiction Book Published


ake your nonfiction book from just a dream to reality, with this exclusive presentation by Writer's Digest Publisher and Editorial Director, Jane Friedman. In this 60 minute presentation you will:

  • Find out the difference between a nonfiction book concept that gets an immediate, enthusiastic response from agents/editors ‚Äì and one that gets no response
  • Learn how to craft a selling handle with sizzle
  • Learn the one golden rule of nonfiction book ideas
  • Learn the basics of nonfiction book proposal writing (smart authors never write the book first, they always write a proposal)

($79.00 value)


Becoming Persistent

Audio Recording

Writers write for many reasons, but most of us write to find an audience, in what has become a quick-changing publishing landscape. This can make the path to publication fraught with many frustrations and moments of discouragement. What makes the difference between the writer who sees success and the one who struggles to make it? Persistence. Author Jordan Rosenfeld will walk you through practical ways to sustain an unshakable writing practice through the mastery of persistence skills such as: building strong boundaries around your writing time; carving out distractions; collaborating with others; learning when to walk away, and when to try again. We'll also explore strategies for how to bounce back after rejection or criticism; how to write from an authentic place and tackle tough or taboo subjects; and how to stay committed to the craft among other things.


Secrets to Getting Published in Tough Times


Economic changes affect every industry, including publishing. In this exclusive presentation from Jane Friedman, Publisher and Editorial Director of Writer's Digest, you can find out how the publishing landscape has changed in the past year and how it affects your ability to get published You will also:

  • Learn the key skills and abilities you must bring to the table to interest an editor or an agent in a tough economic climate
  • Get a sneak peak into a day with an industry insider who makes decisions every day on what types of work will reach publication
  • Get the tools you need to focus your energy in the right place and speed your path to publication

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Bonus: How Do Editors & Agents Decide?


Why do some projects get picked out of the pile by agents and editors while most do not? It's because great books that catch the eyes of the pros are a combination of an excellent idea, excellent writing, and, in some cases, an excellent platform.

In this webinar, we discuss, in detail, the three-tiered approach that all publishers look at in evaluating potential books: the idea, the writing, and the platform. Writers will learn exactly what these terms mean, and the relative importance of each tier for different types of books. We discuss ways to evaluate your own project based on this structure, and how to improve whatever areas need help.

Learn what catches the eye of an agent or editor - whether it's fiction or nonfiction - and how to make your project stand out from the crowd.

($79.00 value)