Publishing Deals Demystified: Understanding Deals and Contract Terms Video Download

Publishing Deals Demystified: Understanding Deals and Contract Terms Video Download

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Reaching the golden moment when all of your hard work and dedication is validated is nothing short of wonderful. However, reaching that moment prepared to decipher if the offer you have received by the publisher is a good deal, is empowering. Many authors don't know what terms are important or what they mean. In fact many never get to see a publishing contract until one is sent to them. It is therefore unlikely that they will know what should be included, what is superfluous or inappropriate, what terms are fair, and what should be negotiated. In this tutorial publishing deals are demystified with concise, clear explanations about how deals work, what contract terms are important, what they mean, and what the industry standards are. You will gain a solid understanding about what to expect, and how to negotiate the best deal for your work.

This tutorial is presented by Marisa A. Corvisiero, Esq. Marisa is the Founder, CEO and a Sr. Literary Agent at Corvisiero Literary Agency, a New York City boutique literary management services agency representing authors around the world. Marisa is also a Corporate and Trust and Estates attorney with experience in top global firms and fortune 500 companies. She participates in and has taught several workshops and boot camps on writing and publishing for Writer's Digest, at conferences around the country, and various other online resources.

In this 57-minute tutorial video, you'll learn:

  • How publishing deals work
  • What a publishing contract is
  • What terms are the most important
  • What specific terms mean
  • What are the industry standards

You've invested a lot of your time and energy into writing your book. Now it's time to get a good publishing deal signed that will benefit you and your work in the long run.

Armed with the skills and knowledge discussed in this tutorial, together with a positive attitude and a good book, you will have everything you need to succeed in publishing!