Hollywood Screenwriting Directory Fall/Winter Volume 5 Ebook

Hollywood Screenwriting Directory Fall/Winter Volume 5 Ebook

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Learning how to sell a script is easy with the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory! Complete with manuals on screenplay writing, writing query letters, and more, this resource will make finding an agent and selling a script easy.

The newest volume includes updates to half the listings! With all-new points of contact for Execs, including more email addresses and Facebook profiles, and a new sample Submission Release Form, you’ll have everything you need to pitch a script to Hollywood.

With over 2,700 listings for industry insiders including studios, production companies, and independent financiers, the newest version of the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory includes:

  • Up-to-date contact information, including phone numbers, and street and email addresses
  • Notes on whether contacts accept unsolicited material and how they prefer to receive submissions
  • A script formatting guide and advice on packaging your submission
  • Step-by-step instructions for writing professional query letters, treatments, and log lines
  • The Legal 411 for Screenwriters: a comprehensive guide on the business of screenwriting -- script to screen from Entertainment Attorney Dinah Perez

As an added bonus you will receive a 90-day subscription to ScreenwritingDirectory.com - the online edition of the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory.

Plus, you’ll find samples throughout, illustrated with tips and pointers to help you create a quality submission. With the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory by your side, you’ll have a reliable resource that spells out exactly how to sell a script!