10 Practical Tips for More Consistent, Productive Writing

10 Practical Tips for More Consistent, Productive Writing

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You'll Love This OnDemand Webinar If:

  • You want to improve your writing habits and write more, regularly.
  • You are blocked, stuck, or procrastinating.
  • You have unfinished writing projects begging for completion.
  • You struggle to find the time to write.
  • You have long term writing projects that feel miles from the finish line.

As a writer, you know that nothing is more important (and satisfying) than seeing your writing projects go from start to finish. But that isn't always easy when you're on your own , isolation, resistance, unstructured time, and distractions all get in the way of the consistent, productive, and professional writing habits you need to see your writing through to "Done!"

This 75-minute session will bring to life 10 practical tips you can use immediately to strengthen your writing habits so you can see your writing projects reach completion again and again.

What You'll Learn From This OnDemand Webinar:

  • Myths about writing that may actually be sabotaging your progress as a writer.
  • Simple, fresh strategies for handling writing resistance and creative blocks.
  • Ways to design your life and your writing time so it happens regularly.
  • Mindset shifts to help you write more consistently and productively.
  • Techniques to cut down on the time required to "gear up" into writing mode.

About Jenna Avery:

Jenna Avery is a screenwriter who devoted the last year to redesigning her life to support her passion for writing. She is also a life coach and the founder of the online Just Do The Writing Accountability Circle designed to help writers get the support, accountability, and inspiration they need to make their writing happen and get it into the world. Jenna blogs about writing, creativity, and life purpose at JennaAvery.com.

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