Create a Submission Package That Will Get You Noticed by Agents and Editors

Create a Submission Package That Will Get You Noticed by Agents and Editors

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  • You are a writer wanting to improve your skills
  • You are a writer that wants guidance in preparing the best submission package
  • You are a writer wanting to know what agents and editors look for in a submission package
  • You are a writer who wants to get published and sell books
  • You are a writer who wants to learn about branding and platform building


Making a good first impression is very important, not just during the submission process but as a professional overall. You need to be ready to knock them out of their socks with your work and your presence. When an author submits their work to a literary agent or an editor it needs to follow guidelines, meet industry standards, and contain all of the right information so that the project can be properly considered. The submission package needs to get the attention of the reviewer, and not only does the story need to have a hook, but it also needs to be evident in the materials in order to keep that person's attention and make them want to read more. The other part of the submission process that many authors ignore is the presence, or platform portion of the author's brand. Agents and editors, look at you and your work when considering the submission. They ask themselves questions, not just about the quality of the work, but the salability of the work and you as a package.

Publishing is an ever-evolving market. Those days when a fiction author didn't need a platform are coming to an end. Although not mandatory, those considering the acquisition of a project will inevitably look to the authors experience, presentability, social media presence, and the brand that the author is building over all.

This presentation is designed to brief authors on how to submit their work, to show them how to carefully prepare the best submission package that will get the attention of reviewing agents and editors, and to discuss the importance of a platform, what a platform is and how to start building one.


  • The essentials on how to submit your work to the right agent or editor
  • How to draft a great query letter and synopsis
  • What agents look for in the first few pages
  • About common and not so common mistakes authors make when preparing and sending their submission package
  • How to avoid unnecessary mistakes that will lead to rejection
  • How the process works, what agents and editors are looking for, and how to hook them without fumbling the opportunity to get their attention effectively
  • What is a platform, why you need one, and how to create and foster a strong brand


Marisa A. Corvisiero, Esq. is the Founder, CEO and a Sr. Literary Agent at Corvisiero Literary Agency, a New YorkCity boutique literary management services agency representing authors around the world. Marisa is also a Corporate and Trust and Estates attorney with experience in top global firms and fortune 500 companies. She participates in and has taught several workshops and boot camps on writing and publishing for Writer's Digest, at Conferences around the country, and various other Online Resources.

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