Mare Swallow: 60-Minute Consultation Session

Mare Swallow: 60-Minute Consultation Session

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Mare Swallow is the founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Writers Conference, where she works with (and hires) writers and authors. She has been a public speaker for over 15 years, and a public speaking coach for the last 10. She works with writers to help them polish their presentation style and prepare their own work for reading in Live Lit venues, bookstores, or events. Mare is also a fixture on the Chicago Live Lit scene, where she performs regularly at Tuesday Funk. For three years, she wrote and hosted the Etiquette Bitch blog & podcast, then went on to create the Chicago Publishes Podcast, where she interviewed authors and publishers from across the country.

Consultation Time: 30/60 minutes
Connection Method: Phone, Skype, Facetime, etc (customer's choice)
Mare is available to consult on these topics:

Platform Building

Learn what your author platform is, and how you can build one effectively — online and in-person. We'll discover a combination of methods that will work well for you, such as your online presence, in-person events, podcasts, writing, blogging, social media and networking. You don't have to use all of these methods; Mare will help you explore which avenues work best for you. Mare will evaluate your current platform, and show you how to increase your visibility online and in your own community — and grow your name and your brand. Especially useful for non-fiction authors.


Podcasting is an easy and inexpensive way to grow your audience and connect with them. Learn what tools are available, how to get started, and dos and don'ts for podcasting. If you currently have a podcast, Mare will evaluate your online presence and reach, and you can learn how to make your podcast even more effective and connect with your audience.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Public readings, lectures, and talks are great ways to gain exposure for your work, and also a great way to build your brand and platform. Even if you're not a published author, learn how to get a reading or talk — or even create one of your own. Mare will coach you on the dos and don'ts of live readings and talks, and share best practices so you'll be invited back.

Networking Skills for Writers

If you're looking for a full-time or freelance writing gig, opportunities are all around you — you just need to be willing to connect at any time. We'll take time to first understand your current networking approach, and then work on strengthening it — whether you network online or in-person. Mare will share her insight from hiring writers and the do's and don'ts of networking, and, if client desires, you'll receive feedback on your collateral: Your online portfolio, resumé or CV, and online approaches (e.g. cover letters and emails.).