Philip Athans: 60-Minute Consultation Session

Philip Athans: 60-Minute Consultation Session

  • $275.00

Philip Athans is the New York Times best-selling author of Annihilation and more than a dozen other books including The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction and Writing Monsters. He teaches creative writing and appears at numerous conferences and conventions, as well as working as a freelance editor, ghostwriter, and publishing consultant. He is also the former senior managing editor for TSR/Wizards of the Coast. His blog, Fantasy Author's Handbook, is updated every Tuesday, and you can follow him on Twitter @PhilAthans.

Consultation Time: 30/60 minutes

Connection Method: Phone/Skype

Philip is available to consult on these topics:

Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror Story Consultations

Philip will provide you with detailed advice on storytelling (characters, story structure, pacing, etc.) and the one element that really sets these genres apart: worldbuilding.

Securing an Agent/Publisher for Your Fantasy, Science Fiction or Horror Novel

Learn what the publishing business is looking for from an SF, fantasy, or horror author. Philip can help you position your book and work with you to create the right pitch materials to help get it noticed.

Publishing Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror

Get detailed advice on when and how to self-publish, including working with freelance editors, artists and designers, typesetters, and e-book and POD services, with an eye toward the genre blogger and fan communities.


Superior editor, writer, coach, and all around nice guy, Phil Athans is the man you'll want in your corner when you enter the no-holds-barred octagon that is 21st century publishing.

- John Ottinger,

Phil is savvy, sharp, and professional. He has an excellent eye for talent and an outstanding grasp of the ins and outs of shared world publishing.

- Richard Baker, best-selling author and game designer

The world of publishing is growing more complicated--but also more interesting for those willing to think outside the box. I know I am, and having Phil Athans and his new company out there as a resource takes the scare out of it.

- R.A. Salvatore, New York Times Bestselling Author

Philip is a joy to work with and I highly recommend his services for all your editorial needs. His professional approach and attention to detail makes him my go to editor for all my editorial freelance needs.

- Anthony Ziccardi, Former VP, Deputy Publisher at Simon and Schuster

Phil is the guy I go to when I'm really stuck on a tough creative problem. He's one of the most creative guys in the industry, and a fantastic collaborator. I don't know where my career would be without him.

- Jess Lebow, world creator/narrative designer for the Guild Wars franchise