Writing & Selling the Historical Novel: From Idea to Publication OnDemand Webinar

Writing & Selling the Historical Novel: From Idea to Publication OnDemand Webinar

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  • You are an established historical writer looking to keep abreast of new developments
  • You are an editor and agent working in historical fiction
  • You are a fan and reader of historical fiction who wants to learn more about what goes into the books
  • You are a writer needing guidance on writing dialogue


Writing a successful historical novel is challenging, especially in today's market! Staying on top of changing reader expectations, writing with an eye on social awareness, developing a keen ear for dialogue to appeal to the modern reader while staying true to your period - the elements necessary to creating a winning historical require study and skill.

Writing and Selling the Historical Novel is a presentation jam-packed with advice from start of your novel to the finish, from picking a concept with immediate appeal to pitching your finished product to the agents and editors who will take it to publication.

Gina Panettieri has worked with historical fiction and nonfiction of every description - from Romance and Western to True Crime and Military History - and she shares with you her insights into every aspect of what goes into creating successful historicals, and where you can derail yourself before you've even gotten started.


  • How to balance historical detail with pace
  • How to create authenticity without stiff or stilted dialogue
  • How to incorporate real historical figures into your novel
  • About winning combos - historical pairings editors love
  • About major happenings or hidden historical gems - should I base my story around true events?
  • The Top Ten mistakes historical writers make, and how to avoid them
  • When to stop researching and start writing
  • The best resources for the historical writer
  • About being alert to contemporary social and political landmines in your historical
  • About literary or commercial - how do I know which I'm writing?
  • About employing sensitivity readers - do I need one?
  • About the essential elements in the perfect historical pitch package
  • How do I find my comp titles?


Gina Panettieri is the Founder of Talcott Notch Literary, a 3-member literary agency representing more than 100 authors of adult and juvenile fiction and nonfiction. She's worked in the publishing industry for nearly 30 years as an agent, editor and writer, and has helped hundreds of writers achieve their dreams of becoming published authors.

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