Writer's Digest Magazine One Year Subscription - International

Writer's Digest Magazine One Year Subscription - International

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  • You live outside of the U.S. or Canada
  • You enjoy the art and craft of writing
  • You're looking for advice or tips to help you improve your writing or story

Do you want to become a writer? Writer's Digest magazine can help. When you purchase a one-year subscription, you'll receive eight issues of the magazine, each devoted to a particular theme about writing or publishing.

Each issue of Writer's Digest brings you:

  • Articles and writing techniques for specific genres
  • Information about the business side of writing
  • Creative writing prompts or exercises for rekindling your creative spark
  • Feature articles and interviews with authors and writers who are living the dream, and how they got there
  • The best markets for print, online, self and e-publishing
  • The best tools for writers, including advice and information about writing, the best types of software for writers, books, and online resources

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