Writer's Digest Magazine One Year Subscription - U.S.

Writer's Digest Magazine One Year Subscription - U.S.

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  • You want to become a writer
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  • You want a year (8 issues) of writing advice, tips, and exercises

Are you passionate about writing? Do you aspire to get your work published someday? If so, a Writer's Digest magazine is perfect for you! When you subscribe, you'll get eight issues packed with writing advice, tips, and author interviews with famous writers.

No matter what type of writing you do —fiction, nonfiction, or freelance — you'll find each issue contains questions and quandaries, interviews with debut authors, literary agents and the work they are looking for, and features relevant topics for writers, such as how to get published, marketing and selling your book, and launching your own writing conference. Plus, explore how to overcome writer's block, rejection, and more through interviews with well-know authors such as R.L. Stine, James Lee Burke, Mary Andrews, and Adriana Trigiani.

Get a full year of Writer's Digest (8 issues), gain the writing inspiration and tips you need to your develop writing skills and hone your craft. Subscribe now!

What Subscribers Are Saying:

"This magazine is wonderful as a source of How To's, it is filled with much helpful info for the newbie and the pro's. I highly recommend it" —Kim Greenlee

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