Writer's Digest October 2008 (PDF)

Writer's Digest October 2008 (PDF)

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You'll Love This Issue If:

  • You are a fan of Isabel Allende
  • You want to build your own website
  • You want to land an agent

This issue of Writer's Digest is devoted to all things agent. Get an inside look at what literary agents want when they're reviewing your query letter, what chapter one mistakes they see, and who the hot agents are and what type of writing they are looking for. When you buy this issue, you'll get 28 agents and their contact information, submission guidelines, and more.

Inside you'll find articles on writing and selling your novel, questions about handling ghostwriting fees, an author interview with Isabel Allende, and the ins and outs of building a website. Plus, advice on dealing with rejection. Download the October 2008 issue today!

In This Issue You'll Learn:

  • 7 trend tips for writing and selling your novel
  • How to land an agent for your self-published book
  • How to handle ghostwriter fees

What's Inside This Issue:

Spotlight on Literary Agents

What Agents Hate
by Chuck Sambuchino
Literary reps vent about their Chapter 1 turn-offs.

Secret Agents 2008
by Chuck Sambuchino
Looking for an agent? Here are 28 reps willing to work with new writers and give your manuscript a fair shake.

A Successful Aftermath
by Chuck Sambuchino
Land an agent for your self-published book with a solid sales track record and a little finesse.


THE WD INTERVIEW: Isabel Allende
by Jordan E. Rosenfeld
Isabel Allende found a release for her grief in the form of a memoir written to her departed daughter.

7 Trend Tips
by Debbie Macomber
Identify and use pop-culture cues to write,and sell,your novel.

The Anatomy of a Writer's Website
by Linda FormichellI
Whether you build it yourself or hire a designer, your website can do more than bring you into the 21st century,it can be an invaluable part of your marketing arsenal. PLUS: The winner of the WD Best Writer's Website Contest.

Questions & Quandaries
by Brian A. Klems
When to use i.e. or e.g., what a literary executor is and how to handle ghostwriter fees.

Ask the Pro: Banking on Book Clubs
by Kara Gebhart Uhl
What a thriving editor is looking for in her new imprint aimed at women.

First Impressions: The Healing Truth
by Jordan e. Rosenfeld
An aspiring fiction writer realizes her story is better told as a memoir. PLUS: More notable debuts.

This Writer's Life: Giving it Up
by Kevin Alexander
Sometimes it takes a good kick in the pants to get your act together.

The Sentence Sleuth: Mind Your Apostrophes
by Bonnie Trenga
Its time to straighten thing's out.

Your Story: Not What it Looks Like
by Vicki Wilson
The winning entry of contest #12. PLUS: Your Story #14 prompt.

The Conference Scene: South Carolina Writers Workshop
by Linda formichelli
Big names, big opportunities and a Slush Fest.

Postscript: Secret Lives
by Lisa Rogak
An accidental biographer tells all.

  • Surviving the Spite
  • Red Flags for Writers
  • The Roeder Report: Getting
  • Out Alive
  • National Novel Writing Month Tips
Writer's Workbook
  • Fiction: Point of View
  • Nonfiction: Avoid the Poison Pen
  • Poetry: The Leap
  • Marketing: Blogging

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