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Welcome to the Writer's Digest Shop! Here you will find new and exciting resources for writers of all skill levels and genres to get started in writing. Discover articles on everything from writing to publishing and much more. After all, the Writer's Digest Shop is committed to bringing you the best products to help you succeed in publishing and meet your writing needs. Read the articles below to further your knowledge and improve your writing skills.

What is a Novel?

Becoming a published novelist is mostly a matter of talent, persistence, and luck. First, you have to write very well—well enough to stand out against the competition—and then you have to send your material until it reaches someone who appreciates it as much as you do. It takes drive, determination, and dedication to the craft. Follow our comprehensive guide to writing a novel and achieve success. Whether your goal is to write a novel in 30 days or a year from now, our comprehensive guide to writing a novel will become your most trusted resource. Read on and discover the answers to commonly asked questions such as, "What is a novel?", "How is a novel structured?", and many more. Plus, you'll learn new tips for writing a novel and how to get your novel published!
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How to Get a Book Published

The ultimate goal of any writer is to see their work published. But the path to publishing success can be difficult and filled with many questions and quandaries. This article guides you through the book publishing process from start to finish. Learn what your options are and decide what works best for you and your work.
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How to Write a Query Letter

Every writer’s goal is to see their work published. Whether you’re writing a fiction novel or nonfiction book, you’re going to need to know how to write a query letter. After all, a query letter is a way to make connections with agents and editors and garner interest in your work. Let us guide you through the query letter writing process and find out what a query letter is, why it is important, basic formatting tips, and much more.
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Social Media 101

Every writer at one point or another has or will hear about the importance of social media. But do you know what it is and what it means? Discover the answers to commonly asked questions such as, What is social media?, What are the benefits of using social media for writers?, What are the top social media sites?, and How do you use social media?
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Writing a Romance Novel

Are you fascinated with reading love stories? Take your passion for happy endings and craft your own romance novel. Whether you are a published writer looking to try your hand at writing fiction, or a beginner writer whose goal is to write your first draft, you'll need to know the ins and outs of writing romance stories. Browse four products—books, webinars, and writing software—that can help you write a romance novel.
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Writing Classes, Courses & Workshops

Looking for ways to kick-start your writing and come up with new story ideas? Sometimes all you need is a little structure—and that kind of help can often be found with creative writing classes, courses, and workshops hosted online. No matter what your personal writing goals are, there's a writer workshop for just about every style and need.
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How to Pick the Right Point of View for Your Novel

Choosing the point of view from which you tell your story is one of the most important aspects to your writing. There are so many options to consider; first person, second person, third person limited point of view, etc… It’s tough to gauge which one will fit your narrative best, so before choosing which point of view to tell your story, make sure you understand the differences between each, and how they can affect storytelling.
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How To Copywrite: A Beginners Guide to the World of Freelance Copywriting

If you learn how to write copy that is compelling and know where to look for freelance work, you will have a greater chance of not only landing copywriting gigs but also having repeat customers. Before you jump headfirst into the world of copywriting, make sure you equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding of what to expect—and what’s expected of you—to have a successful freelance copywriting career.
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How to Overcome Writer’s Block

The excitement of writing mixed with the fear of “will this be any good” can play games with your mind and stall the creative process. That’s why it’s OK to seek writer’s block help. Just like a cup of coffee can give you a jolt of energy, a little guidance can jumpstart your writing and help you take it places you never dreamed possible. Sometimes all it takes is a few tips for tackling writers block to get you back to doing what you love most: writing.
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Self-promotion 101: How to Promote Your Book

Whether you're pitching a book to an agent or marketing your book online to potential readers, one thing is clear: Self-promotion is one of the most valuable—and most necessary—skills a writer needs to develop. Just because you write a great book doesn't mean it's destined for success; it often needs a little help along the way. That's why learning the critical elements of how to promote your book idea to an agent or publisher is essential. And here's where we can help.
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Writing Contests

Too often writers submit to agents and editors without having any credentials, but winning a writing competition—especially a well-known one—gives you immediate credibility and something to add to your writing resume. Plus, many writing competitions come with cash prizes and often deliver publishing opportunities that usually are unattainable for unpublished writers.
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Learn How to Write a Memoir: Be the Hero of Your Own Story

Most of us live such interesting lives that we often think to ourselves, Should I write a memoir? Memoir writing can be a cathartic way to tell your story—whether it be funny, fascinating or simply just heart-wrenching. However it's important to get your footing and understand how to write a memoir that makes for a captivating story that audiences not only want to read, but can't put down!
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How to Write a Story: The Art of Storytelling

When learning how to write a story that audiences (and publishers) will buy, it's important to remember that most successful stories are built the same way, share common plot points and themes, and have narrative paragraph after paragraph that tie the entire book together from beginning to end. But if you don't take the time to research and understand the forms that most bestselling novels share, you'll have a tough time building a story that sells.
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How to Write a Book: 3 Practical Tips

We can hear most people say it now: "I want to write a book, but I just haven't been able to put all the pieces together to get it out of my head and onto paper." We have all been there, until we made a game plan. Learn how to design your game plan today.
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Revising Your Work: 3 Easy-To-Use Revision Techniques

By taking the time to do the necessary book editing, you can improve your manuscript and give it the best chance you possibly can to catch the eye of an agent or editor. Here are 3 easy tips that are sure to help you improve your manuscript.
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