How to Write and Sell Romance & Women's Fiction

How to Write and Sell Romance & Women's Fiction

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  • You are a writer who is actively writing or pitching romance or women's fiction
  • You are a writer whose query letters (story pitches) are rejected because the stories aren't romance or women's fiction
  • You are a writer who is unsure of what romance or women's fiction genres are
  • You are a writer who wants to learn more about how target their writing toward romance or women's fiction editors and agents

This is an intensive session all about understanding the specifics of each genre and how to craft a pitch of your work for editors and agents.

What is it that separates romance writing or women's fiction from general fiction? Many writers feel they have a romance or women's fiction story and then are shocked when the story is rejected from an editor or agent because it really isn't either of the two genres. Too often, there is a belief that if the story has a romance in it, or it is set in a romantic period of time, then it is a romance. The same holds true for women's fiction. If it has a female protagonist, does it make it women's fiction? In reality, there is much more to each of the genres.

This presentation focuses on understanding the key elements that make romance and women's fiction novels truly strong. The presentation allows participants to understand the definitions of each and what makes each genre stand apart from general fiction or literary fiction works. The presentation also focuses on what writers can do if they choose to write in these genres to make a strong story ready for editors and agents.


  • The differences of romance and women's fiction compared to other forms of writing
  • The components of strong romance writing, including the differences between single title and category romance
  • How to pitch a romance or women's fiction project to an agent or editor


Scott Eagan is the agent and owner of the Greyhaus Literary Agency, located in Washington State. Scott draws on his extensive background in education, writing and literature to assist the writers at Greyhaus. He has a BA in English/Literature, a MA in Creative Writing and a MA in Literacy. Greyhaus Literary Agency focuses exclusively on the romance and women's fiction genres for the print market, both single title and for all Harlequin lines.

Scott is also a writer (done mostly as a hobby) and is an active member of the Romance Writers of America. Outside of his work at the agency, he continues teaching writing on a part-time basis, works as a stay at home dad and continues to be active in community work including serving on the National Alumni Board for the University of Puget Sound.

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