Incorporating the Law Into Your Legal Thrillers

Incorporating the Law Into Your Legal Thrillers

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Few things are more disconcerting for the savvy reader than spotting mistakes. It takes the reader out of the book and erodes trust with the author. On the other hand, one of the great pleasures of reading is being immersed in another world and learning the rules and customs of that world. Incorporating legal aspects into your writing presents these risks and rewards.

In this session, writers learn about general concepts concerning the legal system and trial practice. In addition, writers learn about how to handle preliminary and advanced legal research. Along the way, Adam tells a few anecdotes about his own legal practice, and how he incorporates it into his fiction.

Adam Mitzner is the author of five novels based in the law,Conflict of Interest (a suspense magazine book of the year), A Case of Redemption (ABA Silver Gavel award-winner for fiction), Losing Faith, The Girl From Home, and Dead Certain (Amazon bestseller). In addition to writing, he's a full-time practicing attorney in New York City and the head of the litigation and employment practice at his law firm. He's been practicing for over 28 years and only turned his attention to writing after his legal career was fully established. Mitzner lives in New York City with his wife and four children.

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