Loglines, Queries and Synopses: How To Take Your Script From Being Ignored To Getting Noticed! OnDemand Webinar

Loglines, Queries and Synopses: How To Take Your Script From Being Ignored To Getting Noticed! OnDemand Webinar

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While there are lots of ways to learn about screenwriting, from excellent writing courses, to insightful books by the gurus, to reading great screenplays, there aren't many sources to master loglines, queries, and synopses. This leaves writers pretty much in the dark. There's no website where you can read great queries written by great writers. And frankly, the top writers are no longer in the position to be stuck with the painful task of writing queries.

Writers spend months, even years, on their scripts, rewriting and honing. Now that you have a great script, it's time to get it out into the world. If you want to break into the business, how you present your material to the marketplace deserves that same energy, attention and expertise you devoted to writing your screenplay.

Create Strong Loglines The logline sells your story. Learn what every logline needs to succeed. Master the fundamentals, plus the extras that make a "good" logline great. Discover how to use your logline to do market research on your idea.

Essential Query Letter Do's and Don'ts Query letters are writing samples too! Sound like a pro and garner industry interest. Avoid mistakes guaranteed to get your query tossed. Discover how to make your letter stand out for all the right reasons. Parlay even a "pass" into a winning situation.

To Synopsize or Not to Synopsize? A compelling short synopsis is a powerful tool to sell your story. Including a full-length synopsis gives readers a short cut to saying "no" without ever reading your work. Why it's crucial to take your synopsis for a test drive.

Barri Evins is a working film producer who's sold pitches and specs to all the majors. Barri's column, Breaking and Entering, appears in ScriptMag.com and focuses on practical pointers combined with real life examples to help writers break into the industry. Benefit from her experience and expertise to get your script the attention it deserve.


  • Stop shooting yourself in the foot before you begin! Set the tone of your movie first to dramatically improve your chance of conveying your story and getting your script read.
  • Learn the logline essentials and what makes a logline exceptional.
  • Does word count count in a logline? The real industry perspective sets the Internet rumor mill to rest.
  • Five goals for crafting effective queries.
  • Five steps to creating queries that can kick open doors.
  • What to never, ever put in a cover letter and why. Examples from failed queries show you how to avoid the common and fatal pitfalls made by many aspiring writers.
  • To synopsize or not to synopsize? The best choice.
  • Three rules for synopsis writing.
  • Discover the dangers of the Execution Dependent Idea and what to do about it.
  • How to turn a "pass" into a working relationship with an industry pro.


  • Writers looking to build skills at marketing their material, from test-driving ideas, to querying, and pitching to the pros
  • Writers looking for representation
  • Writers submitting their work to productions companies
  • Writers seeking to develop industry relationships
  • Writers looking to build their careers
  • Writers planning to attend pitchfests
  • Writers submitting query letters
  • Writers looking for the real industry scoop versus confusing Internet advice

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