Selling Your Screenplay to Hollywood OnDemand Webinar

Selling Your Screenplay to Hollywood OnDemand Webinar

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So now that you've just spent months and months writing and rewriting your screenplay, and revising and polishing as much as you can, what next?

Well, the next crucial step is getting your script into the hands of someone who can get it made into a movie or a TV show. But how do you do that? Who are the people you should be approaching and how do you get their attention? And if you do garner their interest, how do you navigate the often frustrating process of getting any traction let alone having something made into a movie or TV show?

What a lot of people don't know, is that Hollywood is actually a very small but insular town. It works according to some very basic and time-tested guidelines, it is unlike any other business on the planet. If you know how Hollywood works, and how movies and TV shows are made, you stand a far better chance of success for your own project.

The best way to do this is to learn from a person on the inside, someone who is currently doing it every day, and at a high level. Steve Longi has been a producer in Hollywood for the last fifteen years. In addition to developing numerous feature film, TV and Broadway stage projects, he has eleven feature films to his credit, including the recently released MATCH starring Patrick Stewart from IFC. His films have been in numerous festivals and his 2009 TV movie PRAYERS FOR BOBBY starring Sigourney Weaver was nominated for two Emmy Awards. He recently produced and directed the stand-up comedy film WILLIE BARCENA: THE TRUTH HURTS.

In this webinar, Steve will take you step-by-step through the process of evaluating and then marketing your screenplay to Hollywood. This presentation outlines the steps starting from, how to decide what to write, getting the attention of producers and executives, crafting an effective log-line that gets people wanting to read your project, and will also show you how to follow up and establish relationships in the industry that you can use to set-up future projects.


  • How to evaluate which topics to write that'll stand the best chance of being sold and made into a Feature Film or TV show.
  • The critically important art of crafting an effective and attention getting log-line.
  • How to decide what elements you need to attach to give your script its best chance at success.
  • Tips on writing a One-Sheet presentation that get people to want to read your script.
  • Who to contact and what you can do to pierce the veil of Hollywood.
  • Phone tips for talking to Producers and executives who want to hear your pitch.
  • General information about certain legal agreements, such as Options and Producer agreements.
  • The one thing you should NEVER DO when submitting material!
  • Hollywood protocols for following up, and establishing long lasting relationships that can support you throughout your career.


  • Writers who are trying to decide which of their ideas they should pursue and stand the best chance of being sold.
  • Writers and/or producers who have a completed screenplay and want to know the steps to follow getting it into the marketplace.
  • Writers who want to improve their log-lines so more people will request their script.
  • Writers and producers who want to understand how option and producing deals work and who want to know the difference between indie and studio deal making.
  • Anyone wanting to know how scripts are set-up and sold and what it takes to get them produced and released theatrically as a feature or TV film.

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