Supercharge Your Plot

Supercharge Your Plot

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Too many rejection notes say, “Not enough happens in this story!" This presentation, taught by prizewinning author and WD contributing editor Elizabeth Sims, is a festival of reliable, repeatable ideas and fast hacks to bring your novel plot to mouthwatering life. You learn how to invent compelling character traits, drop in suspense, and amp up the conflict. Moreover, you learn how to become a better writer on your own, going forward.


Elizabeth Sims is the author of the Rita Farmer Mysteries and the Lambda and GCLS Goldie award-winning Lillian Byrd Crime Series, as well as other fiction. Her work has been published by a major press (Macmillan) as well as several smaller houses, and she publishes independently under her own imprint, Spruce Park Press. Elizabeth is a contributing editor at Writer's Digest magazine, specializing in the art and craft of fiction. Her instructional title, You've Got a Book in You: A Stress-Free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams (Writer's Digest Books), is recognized in NaNoWriMo's “Books We Love" and is a favorite of writers everywhere. Elizabeth belongs to several literary societies as well as American Mensa.

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