The Dreaded Rewrite OnDemand Webinar

The Dreaded Rewrite OnDemand Webinar

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When screenwriters finish a first draft, the desire to get their baby "out there" is tremendous. But putting a script into the market prematurely is an immediate death sentence, not only for the script, but also potentially for a writer's career. You have one shot at a first impression.

Learn how to find the appropriate writers to review your work and how to analyze and organize the feedback they give you. Get information on hiring professional script consultants and find out if they're really worth the money.

You'll learn tips to improve every scene, the value of a synopsis, how to evolve your characters, how to cut unnecessary pages from your script and more.

This class will explore the best techniques to tackle the dreaded rewrite like a pro.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to find writers to share work if there are none in your network.
  • How to analyze feedback received from other writers.
  • How to organize feedback and use it most effectively.
  • The value of a synopsis to the rewrite process.
  • The common mistakes writers make in the first draft.
  • A checklist of unique rewriting techniques.
  • A checklist of how to improve every scene.
  • How to evolve your characters.
  • Tips on cutting pages from a script.
  • Smaller details to make your script shine.
  • Newbie mistakes to avoid, including common ones that make a reader pause in those first few critical pages.

Who Should Attend?

  • Writers with a partial or whole screenplay who want to improve it.
  • Writers whose work has been rejected by production companies and agents.
  • Writers who have specific questions about the rewrite process.

Attendees Said:

As a burgeoning screenwriter, Jeanne's webinars have provided the direction I have needed to fine tune my script and to prepare me for the challenge of selling it. Oftentimes when taking classes, I feel like I have wasted my money and my time listening to someone give predictable or vague advice. Not with Jeanne. She packs in a ton of useful information into her 90 minute webinars, and always includes specific resources. She demystifies the world of Hollywood and gives practical guidance on the etiquette of script selling. Because of her webinars, I now feel confident and energized to begin the process of selling my script. Her sincerity to teach others shines through her webinars and makes her a joy to learn from. If you are going to spend any money on your screenwriting education, it is well worth it to spend it on gleaning Jeanne's wisdom.
- Shannon Bowen, co-author of "When Erika Met Sophie"

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