The Theme's the Thing Video Download

The Theme's the Thing Video Download

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What's the difference between story and theme? Does your science fiction or fantasy novel need a theme? Can a book develop a theme without the author's knowledge? Will a theme help your work? This presentation covers the importance of theme in commercial science fiction and fantasy literature. Steven discusses different types of themes, how to find or create them in your own work, and use some writing exercises to uncover hidden themes.


Steven Harper Piziks was born with a name that no one can reliably spell or pronounce, so he often writes under the pen name Steven Harper. He lives in Michigan with his family. When not at the keyboard, he plays the folk harp, fiddles with video games, and pretends he doesn't talk to the household cats. In the past, he's held jobs as a reporter, theater producer, secretary, and substitute teacher. He maintains that the most interesting thing about him is that he writes books.

Steven is the creator of The Silent Empire series, the Clockwork Empire steampunk series, and the Books of Blood and Iron series for Roc Books. All four Silent Empire novels were finalists for the Spectrum Award, a first!

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