Write Your TV Bible: Creating a Sexy, Powerful Story For Your Series OnDemand Webinar

Write Your TV Bible: Creating a Sexy, Powerful Story For Your Series OnDemand Webinar

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TV 'Bibles' can sell your story, and this webinar lays out just how to create a great one. You'll learn how to craft a scintillating, sexy outline that will sell your TV pilot and show the exciting arc of the whole first season of your show.

In this 90-minute webinar, learn from the very best story bibles in Hollywood--real life examples of the great guides to TV pilots that went on to be the magic hits that defined their genre.

Peter Russell is one of Hollywood's most successful 'ghost' TV and film writers, as well as a longtime script doctor and acclaimed teacher of film and television story. He works in the industry right now and understands how television story works in 2017.


  • Why a 'Bible' can be your best creative tool for improving your pilot
  • How a 'Bible' helps you develop those 'problem' characters you aren't sure about
  • How your hero can change across the season by mapping them with a 'Bible arc'
  • Developing your TV story's 'hook' by writing the Bible
  • The one secret the greatest TV creators use to make the Bible fantastic
  • Why the Bible is like a CAT scan of your story--find its strength and weaknesses
  • See the greatest story bibles in recent Hollywood TV history--learn from the best


  • Writers who want to supercharge their TV pilots
  • Writers who want to deepen the hook of their TV series
  • Producers who want to give great notes to their TV staff
  • Producers who are 'arcing' the whole season of their pilot
  • Writers who are selling their series
  • Writers who are pitching a story idea and need the 'whole story'
  • Writers who are 'stuck' in their hero's storyline for the season
  • Writers with fabulous pilots who need to dazzle a producer with a whole package
Find out more about Peter's online classes at peterrussellscriptdoctor.com

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