Writing Tension that Lasts OnDemand Webinar

Writing Tension that Lasts OnDemand Webinar

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There are just a few amazingly simple tools to build suspense--do you know why most filmmakers don't use them? Peter Russell will show you how they work and how to build them into every scene.

They seem like tricks--and they are. They've been used by Hitchcock (he actually invented some of them) by Tarantino, by Nolan, and now by the great Noah Hawley in FARGO, and Peter will give you the breakdown on how to put them into your story--both inside scene but also along your entire storyline. Using great excerpts from current TV and film story, you will learn the tricks that have made Peter one of Hollywood's top ghost writers and now credited film and TV writers, as well as longtime story doctor and UCLA teacher of the year.


  • Proven tools to drive tension in every scene of your screenplay
  • Why tension is essential at every step in a solid script
  • How to sustain an energetic storyline
  • What makes a script a thrilling read no matter what genre you are writing in
  • How the greatest writers have used tension to make movies that stand the test of time


  • TV--sitcom and drama--writers looking to write the next hit pilot
  • Movie writers seeking to get through the second act slump
  • Producers who need help identifying and fixing weak parts of screenplays
  • Writers wanting to get their scripts to the next level
  • Editors who need to understand how to build tension in every part of a script

Find out more about Peter's online classes at peterrussellscriptdoctor.com

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