How to Find Grants and Financial Resources to Fund Your Writing OnDemand Webinar

How to Find Grants and Financial Resources to Fund Your Writing OnDemand Webinar

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How to find and use an assortment of funding streams such as grants and contests in your quest as a writer.

This webinar offers resources for your writing toolbox to aid the journey and improve your platform at the same time. Instructor C. Hope Clark introduces you to the concept of multi-tasking to achieve your goal,using contests, freelance markets, and even grants (the most misunderstood funding opportunity),to help you fund your writing career. Learn to identify these opportunities, how to correctly apply for financial aid, how to give yourself the best chance at winning a grant of any size, and how to weigh one contest/grant against another.

What you will learn:
  • How to identify funding streams for your career
  • How to understand grants in their various forms, and how to apply for funding
  • How to capitalize on these streams to enhance your main project
  • How to use these tools to build platform
  • How to identify scams

C. Hope Clark is founder of The FFW newsletters reach 38,000 readers, and the website has been chosen for Writer's Digest's 101 Best Websites for Writers for the past eleven years. Hope approved loans and grants within the federal government for over two decades before she returned to her writing roots and established She's published in various trade magazines such as Writer's Digest, The Writer, TURF Magazine, Landscape Management, and more. She appears at writing conferences throughout the country. The first of her Carolina Slade suspense series is scheduled by Bell Bridge Books for release in winter 2012.

OnDemand webinars do not include a critique.

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