Shouting into the Void: How to Promote a Book These Days OnDemand Webinar

Shouting into the Void: How to Promote a Book These Days OnDemand Webinar

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Given today's Wild West publishing industry, many writers, if they're lucky enough to have a book published, suddenly feel lost and/or overwhelmed when it comes to trying to promote it. In this tutorial, bestseller and internationally published author I.J. Schecter helps you break through the noise - and the competition - by providing simple guidelines, potent techniques and a measurement approach that will allow you to both conduct effective promotion and also understand the approach that works best for you, and why. Sign up for this tutorial today, and start getting your book noticed!

In this 60-minute tutorial video, you will learn:

  • The key differences between promoting a book yesterday and today
  • The top five no-cost promotional channels available to you now
  • How to plan and execute an integrated promotional strategy using multiple channels
  • Whether bookstore signings are still worth it
  • How to promote to large groups of potential buyers instead of one at a time
  • How to organize a fabulous book launch
  • Tips from successful self-promoters on getting your book noticed among the sea of other titles
  • The importance of ‚Äúcaptive promotion", where to find it, and how to do it
  • Essential do's and don'ts of book promotion, along with their implications (positive and negative)

Shouting into the Void is taught by I.J. Schecter, bestselling author of 102 Ways to Earn Money Writing 1,500 Words or Less: The Ultimate Freelancer's Guide and regular contributor to a variety of top magazines throughout the world. I.J. hosts frequent webinars and tutorials for Writer's Digest, on topics ranging from Building Bridges: How to Establish and Maintain Positive, Productive Relationships with Editors and Publishers to Pumping Up: Applying the Rules of the Gym to Your Writing Career. He is based in Toronto.

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