Writer's Yearbook 2015

Writer's Yearbook 2015

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Writer's Digest presents:

WRITER'S YEARBOOK 2015 (Winter 2015)

Prepare Yourself

2014: The Year in Review Find out the latest on the book and magazine industries-and what these new developments mean for your writing in the year ahead. by Jane Friedman

A Freelancer's Workshop

Sneak in Through the Side Feeling locked out of top publications? The key to your first byline may be as simple as knocking on the right door. by Roger Morris

Cracking Major Magazines With Personal Essays Sell your first-person story in 9 simple steps. by Susan Shapiro

What Literary Journals Want In this roundtable, acquiring minds behind five top markets for short fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry discuss how much they love finding new voices, what makes for eye-catching submissions, and why a byline in their pages could just be the beginning of a beautiful career. by James Duncan

The Editor-Writer Marriage Professional relationships require work just as romantic ones do. Here's how to stay happily married to your editor. by Don Vaughan

Andrew McCarthy: Off the Beaten Path The actor, director and former Brat Packer shares his best tips from his current career as an award-winning travel writer. by Kerrie Flanagan

Build Your Book's Success

The ebook Market: What You Need to Know When it comes to a changing marketplace, knowledge is power. Here's a look at how digital books are changing publishing as we know it-and what that means for you, your writing career, and the future of your work. by Jeremy Greenfield

Major Genre Awards at a Glance Use this quick guide to read up on the best awards in your target genre-and set goals for your own published work. compiled by Ophelia Thomas-Hobbs

Finding an Agent Get personal and establish a connection when researching the right representative for your work. by C. Hope Clark

The Rules for Creating a Writer Platform Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, a platform is crucial to prove to publishers that you are able to help promote your work. Make waves with these 8 core principles for author visibility. by Chuck Sambuchino

For Your Reference

101 Best Websites for Writers Help us celebrate our most definitive annual list yet-a breadth of resources for scribes of all types. by Tiffany Luckey, with Laura Wooffitt

The Top 100 Markets for Book & Magazine Writers Our annual list will help you spend less time finding markets to pitch and more time writing. by Kara Gebhart Uhl


5-Minute Memoir: The Art of Failing Well A freelance writer learns that opportunities-and success-can be found even in rejections. by Scott Atkinson

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