Writer's Digest June 2007 (PDF)

Writer's Digest June 2007 (PDF)

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Writer's Digest June 2007

Giving it Away
By Jenna Glatzer
Information-packed websites, blogs and free chapters are great promotional tools. But it's possible to give away too much. Here's the lowdown on what to make free.

Moth's Guide to Schmoozing
By Christine Krug
Here's how to play the part like a social butterfly.

Book-Signing Success
By J.A. Konrath
From anxiety to euphoria--the in's and out's of pulling off a top-notch book-signing. PLUS: "The Drive-by Signing"

Phoning In
By John Shors
A first-time novelist finds that reaching out to book clubs has a huge impact on sales, and promotes a loyal following.

By Jenna Glatzer

Stepping Out of a Big Shadow
By Blythe Copeland
Tabitha King was writing way before she married the master of horror, Stephen King. But her new novel, Candles Burning --a book she co-wrote with a now-deceased friend--marks the first time she treads into his creepy territory.

101 Best Websites for Writers
By Brian A. Klems
Our annual listing of the best the Web has to offer writers.

Lessons From the Airwaves

By Jordan E. Rosenfeld
These 10 gems of advice were culled from radio interviews with some of today's most inspiring writers. PLUS: How to break into literary radio.

Words Unsaid
By Brian A. Klems
Meet the grand-prize winner of the 7th Annual Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition and read the winning work. PLUS: A complete listing of the top 25 winners.

First Impressions: An Artful Debut
By Jordan E. Rosenfeld
YA author Laini Taylor finds publishing success in an unconventional way--through her illustration work. PLUS: More notable debuts.

Book Buzz: Noir Pastorale
By Jessa Crispin
A Midwestern town provides the perfect backdrop for Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects . PLUS: More small-town noirs.

This Writer's Life: It's Not About You
By Kevin Alexander
Put your ego aside when writing profiles and consider the source.

This Writer's Life: The Fact Behind Fiction
By Jodi Picoult
Our bestselling author shows how research and interviews can make up for writers who've led drama-free lives.

On the Edge: Fantastic Fiction
By Jordan E. Rosenfeld
Despite the longevity of the fantastic in narrative form, there's been a stigma against blending it with literary fiction. But recently, readers have been eager to read contemporary fantastic literature--and publishers are taking note.

Postscript: Finding My Way
By Laura Preble
This debut YA author contemplates her so-called "lucky break."

• Shades of Gray
• Published or Not?
• From the Mouth of Harper Lee
• Analyze Thyself
• Extreme Editing
• Author Smackdown! Al Gore vs. Michael Crichton
• Ethics Help
• 5 Questions for Granta editor Matt Weiland
• Your Story #6 Contest

Writer's Workbook
• Fiction: landscape
• Nonfiction: profiles
• Poetry: sonnets
• Marketing: unsolicited submissions

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