Writer's Yearbook 2014 Digital Download

Writer's Yearbook 2014 Digital Download

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Table of Contents:


2013: The Year in Review

The book and magazine industries are always changing, for better or worse. Here, get the scoop on the latest news and trends, and find out what they could mean for you.

by Linda Formichelli


Grow Your Freelance Business

These 8 strategies will help you turn occasional assignments into steady work.

by Roger Morris

How to Write the How-to

Learn to craft effective service articles in 6 easy steps.

by Christina Katz

Find Freelance Opportunities Online

Learn how to make money writing for the Web.

by Carol Tice

Paid in Full

When other requests fail, use a demand letter to get the payment that is rightfully owed to you.

by Debbie Swanson


Ask the Agent

Our industry expert fields your questions with straight talk and good humor. Find out what you really want to know about submitting your work.

by Barbara Poelle

Crafting Queries & Synopses

Hook an agent's or editor's attention by knowing what to include in your submissions package.

by Janice Hussein

The Digital Age of Nonfiction Book Proposals

If you want to sell your nonfiction project to an agent or publisher, it's important to show where your book will fit in,and what will make it stand out,both in print and online. Here's how to do it.

by Jane Friedman

Rewriting the Rules of Marketing

You don't need a big promotional budget to get noticed and make your own waves. Learn how a little creative thinking can take you a long way.

by Kevin Kaiser


The 15th Annual 101 Best Websites for Writers

Our annual list, culled from thousands of reader nominations, offers a wealth of resources for writers of all types.

by Tiffany Luckey, with Ophelia Thomas

The Top 100 Markets for Book & Magazine Writers

Use our annual shortlist to simplify your search for the perfect homes for your work.

by Katherine Colborn & Priyanka Mehta


5-Minute Memoir: The Art of Falling Without Hitting the Ground

An author uses his experiences in the Vietnam War to fuel his writing life.

by Robert B. Robeson

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