A Year of Writing Prompts Digital Download

A Year of Writing Prompts Digital Download

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"The trick to becoming a great writer is to force yourself to write every day, and this amazing guide of writing prompts will help you do just that. With 365 unique prompts designed to inspire and motivate you to write short creative stories, this downloadable book will elevate your game and, quite honestly, is a lot of fun. (And I should know--I helped write it!)"

- Brian Klems, Writer's Digest Online Editor

Writer's block strikes hard, and it strikes fast. We know. It's happened to us a thousand times over. That's why we, two writers with roots in Writer's Digest magazine, have put together this book of creative writing prompts to help inspire you to have one of the most productive years of writing in your life.

Whether you're looking for general prompts, holiday prompts, fiction prompts, nonfiction prompts or anything in between, this book provides you with a new writing opportunity every single day. That's 365 prompts for you to try, twist and turn into inspired stories. These exercises will help you flex your creative writing muscle, allowing you to break free from the shackles of writer's block and keep doing what you love to do most: write.

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