Crafting a Setting Worksheet - The Nighttime Novelist

Crafting a Setting Worksheet - The Nighttime Novelist

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You'll Love This Worksheet If:

  • You need help creating a setting for your novel
  • You are writing fiction
  • You have read The Nighttime Novelist

Take a moment to imagine the place you want your novel's setting to be around and its details. Does it fit your story's theme, characters, and plot? The setting in a novel or book is important because it ties the major elements of a story together,the plot, characters, and theme. It also adds to the story's mood and can be one way to capture readers' attention. Learn how to create the perfect setting for your novel with this worksheet from The Nighttime Novelist by Joseph E. Bates.

When you download this worksheet, you'll practice creating settings and learn how the same place can be conveyed in different ways depending on how you or your reader perceives it.

In This Worksheet You'll:

  • Pair different places with different attitudes to discover the role of perception has in settings
  • Explore the role of setting in a novel
  • Gain ideas for your novel's setting

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