Writer's Digest Writing Essentials 2017 Digital Edition

Writer's Digest Writing Essentials 2017 Digital Edition

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Writing Essentials is perfect for writers who want to dig into the basics,whether you've been writing for years or are just getting started,with tools you need to produce your best work. This issue covers core essentials of the writing craft for aspiring writers of all genres, whether you pen fiction, nonfiction, freelance articles, memoirs or children's books.

Writing essentials is divided into four distinct sections,each packed with excellent articles from the pros:

    • Getting Started: Learn how to carve out time for writing amidst your busy schedule, glean story ideas from unexpected places, get inspired to start,and finish,your novel, and uncover ways to harness your own experiences to add depth to your writing.
    • Staying Inspired: Make a new commitment to nourishing your creativity, learn how to navigate creative roadblocks, and keep your literary juices flowing with a writing prompt for every week of the year.
    • Honing Your Craft: Here we demystify the secrets of proper story structure, expand upon the nuances of point of view, and break down the essential elements every story needs. You'll also learn how to craft a satisfying ending, and how to revise your stories to inject humor and entertainment value.
    • Going Pro: Write and sell short stories, learn exactly what you need to prep your manuscript for submission, pitch to agents like a pro, uncover marketing tips to promote your work on a budget, and give yourself permission to call yourself a writer!

Getting Started

Your Productivity Road MapAre the disruptions of daily life getting in the way of your writing goals? These tips will help you reach your destination faster and happier,without sacrificing sleep or sanity.By Sage Cohen

Make Your Novel Count Let this simple countdown guide your novel along the path to success.Compiled by Jessica Strawser

Empower Your Writing Plumb the depths of your life experiences to add emotion, creativity and potency to your work. By Tracy Strauss

Staying Inspired

Finding Your Flow Tap new streams of creativity with these 4 approaches to nourish your body, mind and spirit. By Nina Amir

52 Writing PromptsWith a story starter for every week of the year, this list will kick writer's block to the curb. By Brian A. Klems and the Writer's Digest Staff

Maintaining Momentum Banish creative blocks,for good,and keep the story ideas flowing with these 10 simple tricks. By Jordan Rosenfeld

Honing Your Craft

The Intuitive Approach to Story Structure Don't overthink your plot problems. Try this surprisingly simple approach to craft a strong arc. By Deb Norton

Get Perspective Who tells your story is just as important as how it unfolds. Learn the pros and cons of the 3 most common POVs so you can choose the best narrator for every story. By Joseph Bates

Go Micro When it comes to improving your writing, these little fixes can make a big difference. By Elizabeth SIms

The Finish Line Much attention is paid to story beginnings and middles, but endings are just as important. Here's how to satisfy readers,and keep them coming back for more. By Gabriela Pereira

Laugh Lines When it comes time to revise, don't overlook entertainment value,in any genre. Try these 6 simple approaches to add humor and delight readers. By Leigh Ann Jasheway

Going Pro

Self-Editing for Success Fire up your editing brain and get your work submission-ready with these helpful checklists. By Susan Reynolds

Submission Mission The best way to persevere through rejection? Submit broadly,with consistence and persistence.By Stephanie Faris

Pay It Forward Bestselling horror author Jonathan Maberry shares why a spirit of generosity is so important for writers of all stripes,and how giving back can lead to even bigger gains.By Tyler Moss

Anthologies 101 Writing short stories? Anthologies can offer a world of opportunity. Here's what you need to know to break in. By Michael Kardos

Be Your Own Best Publicist No marketing experience? No problem. These simple, cost-effective strategies will help any author self-promote like a pro. By Nick Courage


Word Games An author learns how fun,and inspiring,a little wordplay can be. By Lisa TE Sonne

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