Writer's Digest October 2007 (PDF)

Writer's Digest October 2007 (PDF)

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Get Your Money's Worth
By Jodi Picoult
Forget relying on publishers' publicists. Becoming famous,and the fortune that follows,is all up to you.

Off the Dole
By Jenny Rough
Stop depending on others to support your freelance career. Here's how to make your own way. PLUS: How to negotiate higher pay.

Keep the Commission
By Juli I. Huss
Do you really need an agent? Here's one writer's irreverent guide to flying solo. PLUS: A list of small-press markets.

Will Write for Wine?
By Josh Sweigart
Even when expensive food and drink are being lavished on you, remember that a deal's a deal. Make sure you get what you deserve. PLUS: Ways to protect yourself.


By Jordan E. Rosenfeld

Sling Your Web
By J.A. Konrath
It takes more than good writing to get readers to your website. Here are tricks and tips to use today's technology to promote your work. PLUS: The winner of the Best Writer's Website.

Vice Versa
By Michael J. Vaughn
Three author/poets discuss why prose writers should try poetry, and poets should pen prose.

The Silent Type
By Kevin Alexander
Can a writer who just wants to be left alone to write make it in today's extroverted publishing world? Enter 24-year-old James Boice, who may just be the answer to that question.

Literary Legends
By Phil Sexton
What's old in writing advice seems new again, as one writer discovered on his trip back in time through the Writer's Digest archives.


Questions & Quandaries
By Brian A. Klems
Learn the ins and outs of unagented contract negotiations, the benefits of PR specialists and more.

On the Edge: Poetry for the Younger Set
By Kara Gebhart Uhl
Will the creation of a Children's Poet Laureate and the staying power of novels-in-verse allow for new writers in this burgeoning market?

This Writer's Life: A Novel Place
By Kevin Alexander
Can switching locales help our writer up his productivity?

Your Story: Mucked
By Marie Anderson
The winning entry of contest #6. PLUS: Your Story #8 prompt.

First Impressions: Modern Marvel
By Jordan E. Rosenfeld
An editorial-assistant-turned author makes her debut with a tale about cloning. PLUS: More notable debuts.

Ask The Pro: Offbeat Agent
By Jordan E. Rosenfeld
Literary agent Penn Whaling talks about why she represents all types of writers and how she likes the weird ones the best.

The Sentence Sleuth
By Bonnie Trenga
Our new grammar guru shows you how to avoid receiving the Naughtiest Writing Habit Award.

Postscript: Less Is More
By Jeff Yeager
One writer finds that embracing austerity gives him a whole new life.


Writer's Workbook
  • Fiction: creating characters
  • Nonfiction: travel writing
  • Poetry: sestina
  • Marketing: give a good reading

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