How to Pitch and Publish Your Nonfiction Book Video Download

How to Pitch and Publish Your Nonfiction Book Video Download

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Publishing nonfiction books is different than fiction publishing. You pitch differently, you prepare differently, you write differently, and you get paid differently. This tutorial describes how to pitch your nonfiction book idea, how to complete the book proposal, and how to write your table of contents (TOC). The tutorial also covers authorship, co-authorship, contributing authorship, agents, and publishers.

Presented in a chronological style from idea to publication and beyond, this tutorial explains the processes and procedures involved in getting your nonfiction book onto shelves.

Kenneth "Ken" Hess presents this tutorial from his experience as a technology author, columnist, and blogger. Ken has written hundreds of articles for online and print publications. He is also author of SQL Power! (Thomson) and Access 2007 (Wiley). He is co-author of Practical Virtualization Solutions (Pearson), and contributing author and technical editor for several other books.

In this 36-minute tutorial video, you'll learn:

  • How nonfiction book publishing works
  • How to test your book ideas
  • How to pitch your ideas to agents and publishers
  • How to write a book proposal
  • How to create your table of contents
  • How you get paid

Nonfiction book publishing can increase your professional credibility and your bank account. This tutorial will decrease your learning curve and increase your chances of becoming a successful nonfiction author.

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