Turn Your Non-Fiction Book into a Content Business Video Download

Turn Your Non-Fiction Book into a Content Business Video Download

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Whether you're working with a publisher or self-publishing your book, one of the most valuable things you can do is learn to think of your book as simply one iteration of the content you've created. It can be much more, potentially generating numerous revenue streams that can supplement your earnings - sometimes exceeding that generated by the book itself.

In this tutorial, Writer's Digest publisher, Phil Sexton, provides some ideas and guidelines for thinking about your content in new ways, detailing some of the options available for reusing your content, while providing some theoretical revenue assumptions that show how much more there is to be made by re-using the content you've already created. You'll improve your platform, further establish your authority, boost your credibility, and make good money in the process.

Succeeding as an author of non-fiction is no longer simply about writing and selling a book. The revenue options are endless and this presentation is a great starting place to start exploring them.

In this 18-minute tutorial, you'll learn:
  • Why you should think about your non-fiction book as content rather than a manuscript
  • How much more financial value can be derived from what you've created
  • Why non-fiction has more revenue opportunities than fiction
  • How to think about your work like an entrepreneur

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