Writing and Selling Fantasy, SciFi, Paranormal, and Dystopian Video Download

Writing and Selling Fantasy, SciFi, Paranormal, and Dystopian Video Download

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  • You're a writer who wants to break into the fantasy or science fiction market
  • You're a writer who is writing for a middle grade, new adult, or young adult audience, but whose manuscripts have an element of fantasy or Sci-Fi
  • You're a writer who is just beginning your manuscript but want to better understand the genre and the field
  • You're a writer who has finished a manuscript and are trying to secure an agent or publisher


Novels have the ability to transport us out of our lives, to introduce us to characters and events that are beyond our everyday. And this is especially true for fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, and dystopian. Whether we're reading about a land ruled by magic, a deep space odyssey, a bleak future, or a paranormal creature living in a society that mirrors our own, there's always the question - how did the author do it? How did they so seamlessly blend the characters, the conflict, and the world to create a story that compels and entertains? This presentation shows you how, as well as give you the concrete and comprehensive tools you need to market and sell your adult or young adult novel.

In this presentation you will learn the ins and outs of the current market and how to successfully conceptualize, construct, and sell your fantasy or science fiction novel. You will discover what publishers are truly looking for, and learn how to craft your pitch and query letter so that your book stands out from the crowd. You will receive concrete advice and exercises that will help you strengthen your characters, your conflict, and your worldbuilding. You'll discover how the industry has changed in recent years - and what this means for you, your book, and your career.

Andrea Somberg has been a literary agent for over 15 years, representing a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, including fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and dystopian novels for adult, new adult, young adult, and middle grade audiences.


  • How to craft your concept, content, and pitch for maximum impact
  • Advice and exercises to strengthen your novel, with special attention paid to character, conflict, and world-building
  • What agents and publishers are REALLY looking for
  • Where your book fits into the marketplace
  • How the industry is changing and what that means for you
  • How to craft the perfect query letter
  • Advice on securing an agent and publishing deal


A literary agent for over fifteen years, Andrea Somberg represents a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, working with all of the major houses and imprints. Previously an agent at the Donald Maass Agency and Vigliano Associates, she joined Harvey Klinger Inc. in the spring of 2005. You can learn more about her and her list at www.andreasomberg.com and www.harveyklinger.com.

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