<strong>2nd Draft Line Edit Service (price per page) </strong>

2nd Draft Line Edit Service (price per page)

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You'll Love This 2nd Draft Critique Service If:

  • You have 50 pages of a manuscript ready for review
  • You're looking for a professional line editing service before you query an agent or editor
  • Your manuscript needs to be reviewed for style, word usage, consistency, grammar and clarity

Is your manuscript ready to be read by an agent or editor?

With this 2nd Draft service, a professional editor will comb through every line of your manuscript, looking for style issues, grammatical errors, storytelling inconsistencies, misspellings, and more. They'll help to smooth out poorly worded sentences or point out where you need to clarify things for the reader. The 2nd Draft Line Editing Service does that and more!

Upon receiving your manuscript, a professional editor will go through the work line-by-line, providing insights into where improvements need to be made at the most granular level. You'll receive suggestions that will strengthen the consistency of your work, improve its pacing and overall readability.

Though a line editor doesn't provide the 50,000 foot view analysis of a developmental editor, they provide far more insights and information about the details than either a developmental editor or a proofreader. Proofreaders are mainly looking for spelling and grammatical errors.

Ensure your manuscript is error-free, and ready to be read by an agent or editor at any time. Send your work to 2nd Draft Line Editing Service and have your work proofread by a professional today!

What Can You Expect From Our 2nd Draft Line Editing Service?

2nd Draft Line Editing Service provides a line-level review of your work. It offers:

  • Corrections for punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, spelling and sentence structure.
  • Insights into tonal and stylistic inconsistencies
  • Corrections for style, grammar and word usage errors
  • A clear idea of how to revise your work to be grammatically correct
  • Line revision suggestions
  • Insights into dialogue, characterization, POV and motivation

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What Our 2nd Draft Line Editors Will Not Do:

2nd Draft reviewers will not:

  • Rewrite or revise for you, except in the case of providing an example of how to revise on your own.
  • Provide any fact-checking.
  • Provide answers or advice on legal issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Minimum length requirement

To take advantage of 2nd Draft Line Editing Service, you must have at least 50 pages of a manuscript ready for review. For a critique of your story, query letter, or synopsis, learn more about 2nd Draft Critique Services.

Formatting Requirements

Please format your manuscript to meet these requirements prior to completing your purchase to ensure you purchase the correct number of pages.

All documents must be submitted electronically in ONE of the following formats:

  • Word document (.doc or .docx)
  • Rich Text File (.rtf)

All documents MUST adhere to the professional manuscript formatting standards, which are:

  • 8.5" x 11" page size
  • Double-spacing throughout
  • 1-inch margins on top and bottom
  • 1.25-inch margins on left and right sides
  • Arial, Courier, or Times font
  • 12-point font size

*If your manuscript does not meet these formatting requirements, we will either return the document to you for correction, or we will apply these settings ourselves when possible, and only proofread the number of pages you have paid for.*

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There are no refunds for this service.

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