Writer's Digest February 2008 (PDF)

Writer's Digest February 2008 (PDF)

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You'll Love This Issue If:

  • You want to write, revise, or edit a novel
  • You need help finding the right writing group for you
  • You write nonfiction and want to hone your interviewing skills

If you are looking to write a novel, this issue of Writer's Digest is for you. We'll take you inside the novel writing process from starting with an idea to revising and editing your first draft. We even give you suggestions on creating your own writing group. Even if you aren't ready to write a novel, you can start by blogging a book and developing a solid writing habit.

For those out there who write nonfiction, we've got a feature article on interviewing. No matter what your goal is, you can write better, improve your interviewing skills, and draft your first novel with the advice and how-to instruction found inside this issue. Download it today and get an easy-to-search PDF!

What's Inside This Issue:

Baby Steps
by Bill O'Hanlon
Stop obsessing about writing a book. Instead, spend 15 minutes writing one page, five times a week for a year. PLUS: Blog your book.

Write from the Ground Up
by Jon Robertson Here's how to roll up your sleeves and pound out your novel,from blueprint to finish. PLUS: The building code for writing your novel.

Plotting a Novel Group
by Marie Lamba
The Rebel Writers revamped standard writers' group rules, allowing for better critiques. Here, one member shares her successful format.

Novel Revision for the Faint of Heart
by Jordan E. Rosenfeld
You've finished writing your novel. Now comes the fun part. Here are 10 steps to fight your way through a relatively pain-free rewrite.

by Jordan E. Rosenfeld
The career of this chart-topping mystery novelist takes a new twist with her first historical murder mystery.

The Art of the Interview
by Mary Curran-Hackett
In a revealing roundtable discussion, read what former poet laureate Billy Collins, bestselling author Curtis Sittenfeld and radio journalist Terry Gross have to say about interviews.

Your Perfect Match
by Mark Peters
Finding the right editor has some surprising similarities to dating online. In fact, pitching an editor can be a lot like pitching woo.

Burning Down the (Literary) House
by Maria Schneider
Brock Clarke's novel An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England takes a match to the memoir craze, questions the publishing establishment and gives a whole new meaning to hot publicity.

Questions & Quandariesby Brian A. Klems
Getting paid, the best time to query and "hone" vs. "home."

Ask the Pro: Indie Spirit
by Jordan E. Rosenfeld
Rising up in the face of conventional wisdom, a fiction publishing house hits the stage.

First Impressions: Coming-out Party
by Jordan E. Rosenfeld
A chick-lit writer finds marketing magic in a group blog for debut authors. PLUS: More notable debuts.

This Writer's Life: The Final Verse
by Kevin Alexander
As graduation nears, so does the impending reality that an MFA degree carries a lot of uncertainty.

On the Edge: Eco-Thrillers
by Jordan E. Rosenfeld
With topics like global warming headlining our nightly news, the eco-thriller is heating up, scaring readers with a dose of "what if" reality. PLUS: Eco-thriller markets.

The Sentence Sleuth: Never Sit on a Thrown
by Bonnie Trenga
If you're not a comedy writer, don't accidentally write something funny.

Your Story: Making a Lot From a Little
by Marykate Schweiger
The winning entry of contest #8. PLUS: Contest #10 prompt.

The Conference Scene: The ASJA Writers Conference
by Linda Formichelli
Find nonfiction nirvana in New York City. PLUS: More great writing conferences.

Postscript: Labor or Leisure?
by Lauren Kessler
You can never really tell when a writer is working.

  • The Quick Pitch
  • Reviews Get Thumbs Down
  • Writing Books by Women
  • From the Mouth of Tom Clancy
  • Stand Tall, Fellow Rejects!
  • Write in the Wild
  • The Pseudonym
Writer's Workbook
  • Fiction: metaphors
  • Nonfiction: research, interview and follow-up
  • Poetry: haiku
  • Marketing: Op-Eds

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