Forward Movement: The Proactive Writer

Forward Movement: The Proactive Writer

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In writing, there's no such thing as down time. The most successful writers are always seeking ways to push their careers forward, from creating structured writing routines to opening new doors in clever ways. In an industry where change is the only constant, the best performers not only keep up - they push the envelope.

In Forward Movement: The Proactive Writer, successful multi-platform freelancer I.J. Schecter offers detailed techniques for pursuing new opportunities and getting ahead of the game in the ongoing effort to find work and get published. From practical matters like submitting smartly to insider tips about how to generate compelling ideas, IJ teaches you how to find different angles into the publishing world, get physically and mentally organized, maximize your writing time and productivity, and take calculated risks along the way. Sign up for this tutorial today and accelerate your writing career!

In this 65-minute tutorial video, you will learn:

  • How to properly define proactivity and apply it to the freelance world
  • The five specific components of freelance writing proactivity and how to execute them
  • How to reject the muse and fight through various writing obstacles
  • How to effectively map the markets and find connection points with your ideas
  • How to get to the three types of influencers: agents, editors and publishers
  • How to optimize your writing time and productivity by getting organized physically, electronically and mentally
  • How to plan well, set goals, go beyond your comfort zone, and take the right kinds of chances

Forward Movement is taught by I.J. Schecter. I.J. is a bestselling author, award-winning essayist, sought-after ghostwriter, and founder and CEO of The Schecter Group, a worldwide leader in strategic communications. He is based in Toronto, where everyone is currently apologizing for being named the best city in the world in which to live.

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