How Do You Put the Comedy in Dramedy? OnDemand Webinar

How Do You Put the Comedy in Dramedy? OnDemand Webinar

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Dramedy is now one of the most sought-after genres in both television and film. What make for a successful dramedy? More than just putting some jokes in the middle of a drama, the successful dramedy weaves compelling threads of both comedy and drama throughout the narrative.

In this unique virtual workshop, we'll explore this potent and popular form by distilling it's basic principles and analyzing how number of successful film and television dramedies achieve a perfect melding of comedy and drama. The webinar will include examples from current and classic dramedies, and offer guidelines on creating and developing your own.


  • The Dramedy Paradigm: Theme, Thought and Tone
  • The 4 Secrets of Successful Dramedies
  • The essential characters of dramedy
  • Finding the balance between comedic and dramatic elements.
  • Story structure and development in classic dramedy examples.


  • Writers developing a dramedy screenplay or pilot
  • . . . and their producers
  • . . . and directors
  • . . . and studio executives
  • . . . and their agents and managers
  • Development executives
  • Friends of mine from high school (It would be nice to catch up!)

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