Instant Publishing Models OnDemand Webinar

Instant Publishing Models OnDemand Webinar

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The publishing world has exploded with new and free opportunities to help you get visibility for your work. New online services can help you publish your work quickly, test market ideas, and create a readership,with no start-up cost to you.

Get a behind-the-scenes tour of how these sites work and how writers are using them to move their career forward. While instant publishing doesn't equal instant success (if you build it, they may NOT come), you'll learn how authors have used online tools to increase their visibility and open up other opportunities.

What you'll learn:
  • Which instant publishing tools and services are popular, free, and powerful
  • What you can expect from these services, and how they make their profit
  • How you can instantly make your ebook available for sale on Amazon and other major online retailers,the same places where traditional publishers sell
  • When to make your work free and when to charge
  • How to determine if you need physical copies to sell and what kind of investment to make in print production
  • If and when you're endangering the future potential of your work by making it available for free or online
  • How to decide when it's time to seek traditional publishing options
  • How to integrate your instant publishing efforts with the rest of your career and online presence

Jane Friedman, Publisher & Editorial Director, Writer's Digest

Who should watch?
  • Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Writers interested in self-publishing or e-publishing
  • Traditionally published authors looking to get their work back in print
  • Business professionals interested in publishing and marketing their content or ideas
Reviews from the Audience
  • I can use the information to instantly publish and start making money from my non-fiction, self-help book.
  • This event gave me some great ideas to help build a platform for a non-fiction book.
  • I took the webinar and was delighted to learn how to go about finding other outlets for my work. I'm new to the writing world but was able to follow along without a dictionary to explain terms. Thank you for the help and inspiration. There are ways to do things when other avenues seemed closed to you.
  • I learned that an option I had known existed was much more relevant to my needs than I had expected.
  • I liked that so many of attendees questions were answered and that very practical information was presented.

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