Writer's Digest September 2018 Digital Edition

Writer's Digest September 2018 Digital Edition

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Writer's Digest, September 2018, Volume 98, No. 6

The theme of the September 2018 Writer's Digest is “Writing Boldly." Pieces in this robust feature package encourage readers to persevere, take risks in their writing and to dare to dream. Articles include:


Dream On Most define their professional success as a writer by external recognition, but that's a mistake. The real secret to actualizing your dream starts within your own imagination. by William Kenower

Expressing vulnerability on the page requires bravery,but also some careful strategy. These 4 techniques will take your writing to the next level. by Maria Walley

Fear No More What many scribes perceive as writer's block is really the result of enduring anxieties. Free yourself from chronic fears by learning how to diagnose and treat their root causes. by Jane K. Cleland

No More Mr. Nice Guys Unlikable characters make for fascinating protagonists,but their behavior can risk alienating readers. Follow this blueprint for flawed-yet-relatable heroes who can still provoke empathy. by David Corbett

Put Yourself Out There Self-promotion sometimes feels like a losing battle, but building a faithful following is about more than immediate profits. Channel your inner extrovert to reap unexpected benefits, beyond simply selling books. by Jeff Somers

Risky Business Truth: These bold strategies will help push you forward at any stage of the writing journey. So give them a try,we dare you. compiled by Karen Krumpak


The WD Interview: Jacqueline Woodson The bestselling National Ambassador for Young People's Literature talks character building, confronting controversial subjects, and the real-world importance of books for kids and teens. by Jera Brown

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