The Ultimate Guide to Revision

The Ultimate Guide to Revision

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Congratulations! You finished your novel, but now what? This carefully curated bundle includes everything you need to begin the editing and revision process to make your novel stand out from the rest. Learn what editors are looking for and how to get your novel the chance it deserves.

Getting the Most Out of Your Self-Editing (OnDemand Webinar) As both agent and freelance editor, Kaitlyn Johnson has had years of experience helping writers learn editing techniques and writing strategies to propel their pages to the "ready for readers" mark. From spelling and grammar to plot holes and pacing, this webinar will help clarify how self-editing targets common errors and pitfalls in first draft pages, as well as instruct what elements to focus on to strengthen the big picture. Learn how to identify key areas of your novel that lack clarity, consistency, voice and apply practices that ready the story for beta readers, critique partners, or even the query trenches. ($79.99 value)

The End?: Editing Skills That Will Make Your Manuscript Shine  (OnDemand Webinar)  In this presentation, you'll learn how to diagnose the pitfalls of your own plot and pacing, the importance of the economy of language, and why more specific detail in your work can actually bore your reader to tears. You'll discover the importance of letting your book "marinate" after you type "THE END," and how to distinguish between the little voice inside that's self-doubt, and the little voice inside that's telling you where to revise. Through sample passages, both rough draft and revised, you'll see these editing skills at work.

Kate McKean works closely with her clients on editing their manuscripts before submission, so there's almost no editing pitfall she hasn't seen. Learn the secrets she's discovered after more than 10 years in the industry (and editing her own unpublished books herself, too!) ($79.00 value)

Self-Editing: How to Get Your Manuscript Out of the Drawer and Onto the Shelves (OnDemand Webinar) In this webinar, literary agent Michelle Brower answers all of your editing questions and more, shedding light on how she edits her clients' material, what authors do before they get a book contract, and providing commentary on how the self-editing process makes all the difference in today's publishing landscape. ($79.00 value)

How to Revise Your Novel for Submission: Self-Editing Techniques that Work (OnDemand Webinar) In this webinar, author and Literary Agent Marie Lamba and Literary Agent Cari Lamba will break down the revision process, revealing steps you can take to systematically self-edit your manuscript. They'll share the tricks they've discovered while editing novels, and show how to spot and correct problems with essential elements like pacing, structure, characters, dialogue and plot. They will also reveal ways to pull a reader (or an agent) deeper into your fictional world. ($79.99 value)

Revising for Publication: A Smooth, Sweet Finish (Audio Recording) You've finished your novel. You've worked through the self-editing process and you may have worked with a freelance editor. It's time for the final polish before you send your manuscript off to the agent that requested it. In this session, Anie Greaney, will tell you the difference between micro and macro editing and let you know what to look for in order to get that smooth, sweet finish to your novel so it's ready for publication. ($39.99 value)

Writer's Digest September 2015 (Digital Magazine) The Revisions issue with articles that include Think Like a Nonfiction Editor, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Rewrite, The Great Revision Pyramid, What Real Revision Looks Like, WRITER'S WORKBOOK: Copy Editing & Proofread)ing, and more! ($6.99 value)

Revising a Novel: Step Away From The Blue Pencil! (Audio Recording) It's so tempting to pick up a blue pencil after you finish a first draft of your novel. But line editing should be the last step in revising a novel, not the first. This presentation with Hallie Ephron, presents an iterative revision process that works from large to small, examining a novel through multiple lenses while soliciting and processing feedback from trusted readers. ($39.99 value)

Top Ten Errors Writers Make that Editors Hate (Audio Download) A great opening for your book can get the attention of an editor or agent and buy you a lot of time. But there are some mistakes writers make that take all that goodwill and throw it out the window. In this Writer's Digest Conference session, experienced editor Helga Schier will discuss the ten most frustrating errors that fiction and nonfiction writers make and how to correct them. ($39.99 value)

Editing for Indies: Navigate the Process from Start to Finish (OnDemand Webinar) 

Tabitha Lord has worked successfully with several free-lance editors in the course of her career. She'll share her experience navigating the multilayered, sometimes intense editorial process. She'll help you examine the different types of editing, determine what your manuscript needs, learn how to find, vet, and work collegially with a freelance editor, understand how to deal with critical feedback, and create a strategy for making developmental edits. Once you've gone through a thorough editorial process, you'll be able to stand behind your work and confidently publish your book. ($79.99 value)

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