Writer's Yearbook 2023 (Digital Edition)

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The Writer’s Yearbook 2023, presented by Writer’s Digest, is a comprehensive, all-in-one resource for writers who need a boost to finish the year on a strong note or start planning their new years’ writing goals. Featuring the top websites and markets for writers, plus articles on freelancing, creativity, writing book-length works, and attracting an agent, this special publication has something for any writer looking to get their work published.

This newsstand-only publication includes:

Preparation & Progress

  • 2022 The Year in Publishing: A roundup at the hottest topics in publishing in 2022. By Jane Friedman
  • The Curiously Effective Way to Beat Procrastination: An author of more than 80 books reveals how he follows his curiosity to beat writer’s block—and why you should too. By Michael La Ronn
  • Fair Use: A small business attorney breaks down the ins and outs of what “Fair Use” is and how writers can use it to their advantage. By Amy Cook
  • The Alchemy Required to Finish a Novel: The Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month offers six tips to get through the dreaded mid-novel slump. By Grant Faulkner

Freelancer’s Workshop

  • Losing the Big One: A seasoned freelance editor who once lost his biggest client tells how to survive the loss—and protect yourself from similar situations. By Jeff Somers
  • How to Tackle Tricky Source Situations: For freelance writers, talking to those in the know can make or break a story. This article offers tips to avoid potential scams and pinpoint reliable sources. By Dinsa Sachan
  • How Much Should I Charge: The creator of Funds for Writers did all the research on the going rates freelancers can and should charge. By Hope Clark


Book Building

  • A New View: Award-nominated fiction editor Diana M. Pho shares five tips for looking at your manuscript from a new perspective and avoiding common first-draft mistakes. By Diana M. Pho
  • Eyes on the Road: Much like a cross-country road trip, writing a series can be quite the journey. Here are five tips to get your readers safely to the final destination and enjoy the ride along the way. By E.L. Tenenbaum
  • Authoring Change, One Book at a Time: Founder of the Nonfiction Writers’ University, Nina Amir, breaks down the elements you need to write a nonfiction book that makes a positive and meaningful difference. By Nina Amir
  • 10 Reasons to Write 100-Word Stories: Award-winning novelist Ran Walker describes the biggest benefits of writing the smallest stories. By Ran Walker

For Your Reference

  • The 24th Annual 101 Best Websites: This list singles out the best resources for established and aspiring writers across all genres. By The Editors of WD
  • Query vs. Pitch vs. Proposal: These three terms appear frequently in writing resources and at a glance, they sound the same. But they each have a very different goal and audience. This article breaks it all down. By Amy Jones
  • Top 100 Magazine Markets for Writers: WD Senior Editor and editor of the Writer’s Market 100th Edition, Robert Lee Brewer, has found 100 of the hottest markets and shares all the details for your best bet at publication. By Robert Lee Brewer
  • What Agents Wish Writers Knew: 22 literary agents share their insights about querying, the agent/author relationship, and the industry so writers can find success. By Ryan G. Van Cleave
  • Contract Tips and Handling Conflict: Negotiating your best publishing deal. By Amy Cook

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