Writing Basics 2010 (Digital Edition)

Writing Basics 2010 (Digital Edition)

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Writing Basics

Building Blocks
10 Questions Writers Must Ask Before Quitting Their Day Job
By Jeff Yeager
Ask yourself these crucial questions before turning in your resignation and making writing your full-time gig.

how to Make Your Novel a Page Turner
By Elizabeth Sims
Never underestimate the power of suspense – in any genre. Use these surefire techniques to make your book one readers won't be able to put down.

37 Secrets of Bestselling Authors
Compiled by Jessica Strawser
Your favorite writers share their take on ideas and inspiration, style and craft, plot and characters, rituals and methods – and everything in between.

5 Reasons Writing Small Can Help You Make It Big
By Tom Hallman Jr.
The market that could launch your writing career may be hiding in plain sight - on your doorstep.

Taming Your Story Ideas
By N.M. Kelby
The best ideas can start out running wild - but you'll need to train them onto the page if you want to write that novel you have inside of you. Here's how.

10 Personal Essays to Try
By Dinty W. Moore
From memoir to contemplative to travel, personal essays can help you develop your voice - and expand your publishing creds.

52 Writing Prompts
By Brian A. Klems
Flex your creative muscle by beginning every week with a fun story starter.

Learning the Craft
Beginning Strong
By James Scott Bell
If you lose readers on page one, you lose them forever. Here are the keys to hooking your audience right from the start.

Questions & Quandaries
By Brian A. Klems
Answers to some of your most pressing writing questions.

Becoming a Pro
The 7 Biggest Myths of Publishing: Know the Truth
By Elizabeth Sims
A veteran author tells you, writer to writer, what getting published is really like - and confronts the seven biggest myths.

How to Make Writers' Forums Pay Off
By Linda Formichelli
They can be great support networks - or huge vacuums for time that could be better spent writing. Here's how to use online forums to hone your craft and advance your career.

Do-It-Yourself Writing Retreats
By Kathryn Haueisen Cashen
Too busy to write? No budget to get away? Setting aside a time and place for your writing can be easier than you think.

How Even a Bad Conference Can Make You a Better Writer
By Elizabeth Sims
Upset that a conference didn't live up to your expectations? Here's how to make sure you walk away with your money's worth.

20 Contests to Win Your Own Book Deal
By Scott Francis
These 20 contests reward creativity with the ultimate prize: a book contract for your winning manuscript.

Back Page
Permission to Write a Terrible First Draft
By Kate Monahan
Just write. However bad it may be.

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