Writer's Digest April 2007 (PDF)

Writer's Digest April 2007 (PDF)

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You'll Love This Digital Issue If:

  • You write poetry
  • You're wondering what the three-act structure in a novel is
  • You're interested in food journalism and love Anthony Bourdain

This month's issue of Writer's Digest spotlights poetry. Learn what today's modern poet looks like, and ways to promote your poetry with or without self-publishing. You'll also learn how to break into poetry and the markets for poetry.

If you aren't interested in writing poetry, you'll find interviews with author Janet Fitch and Anthony Bourdain, along with articles on the three-act structure in novels, writing TV scripts, and what the genre of erotica fiction really entails.

Plus, as with every issue, you'll find writing exercises, tips on writing, and much more! Download the April 2007 issue today!

What You'll Learn In This Issue:

  • 10 Ways to Promote Your Poetry
  • The three-act structure and how to make it work in your novel
  • What it's really like to have a book adapted into a film

What's Inside This Issue:

The 21st Century Poet
By Nancy Breen
A provocative look at trying to define the modern poet.

On Your Own Terms
By Miriam Sagan
Poetry is ideally suited for the self-publishing route, but you still have to pay attention to the details. PLUS: 10 Ways to Promote Your Poetry by Jane K. Kretschmann

The Poet's Bookshelf
By John Drury
Consult this list for a must-read collection of works by past and present-day poets.

Poetic Sustenance
By Michael J. Vaughn
Is there a market for poetry today? This roundtable discussion with leading poets and poetry editors will teach you how to break in.

By Mary Curran-Hackett

Off the Line
By Amy Zavatto
Get inside the wild mind of Anthony Bourdain, the go-to guy for gonzo food journalism.

Strange But True
By Hope Edelman
A memoir-writing instructor and author muses about what drives writers to share their stories.

Getting Your Act(s) Together
By Ridley Pearson
This bestselling author explains the three-act structure and how to make it work in your novel.

Scripting Unscripted Television
By Chad Gervich
While reality TV shows don't require scripts, it doesn't mean they don't have storytelling.

Family Time
By Brian A. Klems and Maria Witte
Meet the grand-prize winner of The Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards. PLUS: A complete listing of first-place winners and honorable mentions.

First Impressions: Novel Ways
By Jordan E. Rosenfeld
First-time author Patry Francis pins her plot on melodrama. PLUS: More notable debuts.

Book Buzz: Making His Own Rules
By Jessa Crispin
Cormac McCarthy moves beyond Westerns but sticks to form with his post-apocalyptic novel, The Road . PLUS: A list of more apocalyptic novels.

This Writer's Life: Stolen Thoughts
By Kevin Alexander
A thief forces our writer to face some painful lessons.

This Writer's Life: The Not-So-Silver Screen
By Jodi Picoult
Our bestselling author reveals what it's really like to have a book adapted into a film, and why she continues to sign away her rights.

On the Edge: The Power of Titillation
By Kara Gebhart Uhl
Now that the erotica trend is climaxing, writers,and readers,are wondering what the label really means.

Postscript: Working Class
By Ned Vizzini
Taking a day job didn't just give this writer a regular paycheck--it saved his sanity.

  • Banned--or Simply Shunned?
  • The Greatest Living American Author
  • Books for Lovers of Language
  • Using Trademarked Words
  • From the Mouth of H.G. Wells
  • Author Smackdown!
  • 5 Questions for Rose Hillard
  • Your Story #5 Contest

Writer's Workbook
  • Fiction: tone
  • Nonfiction: smart reporting
  • Poetry: tanka

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