Bring on the Funny: How to Write a High-Concept Comedy Script OnDemand Webinar

Bring on the Funny: How to Write a High-Concept Comedy Script OnDemand Webinar

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Everyone loves a comedy that has a hilarious premise. When it works, a comedy script writes itself with each scene breathing in new life and laughs to the concept -- whether it's raunchy, silly or screwball. What audiences don't realize is just how much serious work goes in to writing a successful comedy script. And what writers don't understand is how hard comedy-writing can be if you don't follow a few simple rules to bring on the funny. This webinar uses some of the greatest comedy scripts as examples and details their story structure.

This webinar will cover the craft elements necessary to create a compelling, fast paced narrative screenplay structure for a high-concept comedy. Topics will include the all-important central premise to jump-start the humor, character backstory and dialogue that escalate to the big finish and how to embed a heart at the center of chaos that will keep the reader invested in the outcome. This webinar will demystify the process of writing a high-concept comedy and avoid tropes and clichés while providing a satisfying, climactic ending the reader did not see coming.


  • Tips on how to create the 'normal' world your comedy is set in.
  • How to create comedic characters that are flawed but still likeable.
  • How to identifying your main characters goals and point of no return.
  • How to create a timeline that escalates the comedic stakes.
  • How to avoid clich√©s while utilizing archetypes to comedic advantage.
  • How to create a high-concept so that your script will write itself.
  • How to use create fully-dimensional characters capable of growth.
  • How to create fresh and funny dialogue that informs the action.
  • How to conceive and write a comedy scene that is non-gratuitous.


  • Screenwriters who are interested in writing a high-concept comedy.
  • Writers who want to keep the laughs coming but not at expense of story.
  • Screenwriters who want to avoid clich√©s and tropes in their comedy script.
  • Writers who want to take their comedy genre writing to the next level.
  • Writers who want to give their comedic storylines a sense of realism.
  • Screenwriters who want to increase their chances of selling a screenplay by crafting a compelling, fast-paced comedy script.
  • Screenwriters who want to break into the competitive and lucrative high-concept comedy genre.

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