Writing the Black Comedy OnDemand Webinar

Writing the Black Comedy OnDemand Webinar

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Get your audience to cringe and laugh at the same time! In this webinar, you will learn the conventions of Black Comedy and see the differences between black humor, satire, gallows humor, and mainstream comedy genres. Far from being a niche genre, Black Comedy is marketable and can be used across a variety of media formats.

This webinar will be presented by Scott Dikkers, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of "How To Write Funny" and leader of the "Writing with The Onion" training program at The Second City in Chicago. He is a winner of the Thurber Prize for American Humor, and co-founder of The Onion. Get expert guidance on the structure and "execution" of a successful Black Comedy!


  • How Black Comedy differs from mainstream comedy
  • How Black Comedy is perceived by audiences and development executives
  • Which Black Comedy TV series, movies or novels have succeeded and why>
  • Whether Black Comedy is considered a marketable genre in various media
  • The most important aspect of writing a Black Comedy
  • The genre expectations of the Black Comedy
  • The story beats of the Black Comedy


  • Writers who have ideas in the Black Comedy genre
  • Writers working on a Black Comedy story
  • Writers looking for resources or inspiration for Black Comedy projects
  • TV or film producers who wish to better to understand the Black Comedy genre
  • Dramaturgs interested in exploring the unique story beats and genre conventions of Black Comedy
  • Students of stage, film, TV or prose interested in Black Comedy
  • Lovers of the Black Comedy genre who wish to better understand it

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