How to Give Your Sci-Fi or Fantasy Universe a Lived-In Feel

How to Give Your Sci-Fi or Fantasy Universe a Lived-In Feel

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World-building is a special challenge in SFF literature because it’s easy to slide into something that feels artificial and ‛made up.’ But getting that ‛lived-in’ feel is easier than you think. One problem with creating fictional universes is verisimilitude—getting a believable, ‛lived-in’ feeling. But there are a few simple rules to follow that will help. In this OnDemand Webinar, Jeff looks at avoiding shmeeping, revealing imperfections, and more.


Jeff Somers has published nine novels, including the Avery Cates series from Orbit Books, the crime novel Chum from Tyrus Books, and tales of blood magic and short cons in the Ustari Cycle, including the novel We Are Not Good People and the novellas Fixer, The Stringer, Last Best Day, and The Boom Bands from Pocket Gallery. He has published over 30 short stories, including “Ringing the Changes,” which was selected for inclusion in Best American Mystery Stories 2006, “Sift, Almost Invisible, Through,” which appeared in the anthology Crimes by Moonlight, edited by Charlaine Harris, and “Three Cups of Tea,” which appeared in the anthology Hanzai Japan. He also writes about books for Barnes and Noble and and about the craft of writing for Writer’s Digest, which also published his book on the craft of writing Writing Without Rules in 2018. He lives in Hoboken with his wife, The Duchess, and their cats. He considers pants to always be optional.

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