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Short Story Bundle

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For the month of February, we've compiled this new Short Story Bundle, with ALL-NEW resources on writing the short story! Writers Blake Sanz, Ran Walker, Rachel Howzell Hall, and more provide their considerable insight and expertise for writers who are working in the framework of short fiction. This bundle includes OnDemand Webinars, the March/April 2017 Digital Edition of Writer's Digest, and a Digital Guide of 450+ writing prompts. Whether you are just dipping your toe into short story writing for the first time, or you are a short-story veteran looking to continue developing your craft, the Short Story Bundle is packed with inspiration and advice to aid you in your work. 

The Art of Retelling Existing Short Fiction (OnDemand Webinar): The idea of turning the old into the new has long been a practice that artists of all stripes have used to create. In this OnDemand Webinar from our Annual Short Story Virtual Conference, instructor Blake Sanz examines modern and classic examples of how stories get retold, and explores ways that seeing your own work through the lens of related, existing stories can open up possibilities for how you compose. ($79.99 value)

The Unexpected: Irony and the Short Story (OnDemand Webinar): In this OnDemand Webinar, recorded live from WDU's 2nd Annual Short Story Virtual Conference, award-winning author Ran Walker tackles various concepts of irony, exploring their different uses for the short story. With references to classic stories, feature films, and even TV shows, Walker reveals tips that can help deepen your own short stories. ($79.99 value)

Mixed Media: How Music, Newspapers, and Art Can Spark and Structure Compelling Short Fiction (OnDemand Webinar): In There There, Tommy Orange writes that the world is "made of stories, nothing else, just stories, and stories about stories." This OnDemand Webinar invites the viewer to explore the possibilities of a"world" of stories inspired by music, newspapers, art, and other media. Drawing from literary examples and a range of generative writing prompts, this webinar studies the possibilities of stories embedded in art and media, as well as experiment with crafting your own story starts. ($79.99 value)

I Got This Idea...: How to Turn Ideas Into Stories (OnDemand Webinar): Where do ideas for mysteries and thrillers come from? How do you take an idea from napkin to novel? In this OnDemand Webinar, presented by Rachel Howzell Hall, you will learn ways to move your good idea from your head onto the page as a full-realized story. ($79.99 value)

How to Write Short Stories and Use Them to Further Your Writing Career OnDemand Webinar (OnDemand Webinar): For fiction writers pursuing a long-term career, the strategic use of short stories is proving to be a valuable tool for discoverability, honing craft, and bringing new joy to the writing life. But what is the key to a successful short story? In this presentation, bestselling author James Scott Bell reveals that key to you and shows you how to use it to create memorable stories in any genre. He also discusses the ways short fiction can be integrated into an overall marketing plan. ($29.99 value)

Writing The Personal Essay: Your Guide to Getting it Right (OnDemand Webinar): Personal essays are appealing first-person stories found in magazines, newspapers, anthologies, and collections. They’re true stories told by people willing to share their intimate thoughts and feelings about life. Topics include travel, parenting, grief, nature, nostalgia, recovery, and more. They’re incredibly popular with loads of publishing opportunities, but crafting a sellable personal essay requires a complete understanding of the category. ($79.99 value)

Remixing the Classics: Writing New Flash Fiction from Old Stories (OnDemand Webinar): Let’s be honest. Writing flash fiction comes with a different set of obstacles than writing long-form fiction. The biggest of those obstacles, though, is finding a constant source of story ideas. But what if there were already story ideas around you that you could use to keep your pen moving/fingers typing? In this OnDemand webinar, award-winning writer Ran Walker teaches you how to find and mine ideas for your flash fiction. He shows you how to take stories in the public domain and “remix” them into new stories. Ran also shows you how to put your own spin on these ideas and make them truly yours. ($79.99 value)

Writer's Digest March/April 2017 (Digital Edition): This March/April 2017 edition of Writer's Digest Magazine features articles on the craft of short stories, what top publication editors are looking for in short story submissions, the potential found in anthologies, and more. ($6.99 value)

The Ultimate Guide of Writer’s Digest Writing Prompts: 450+ Ideas to Feed Your Creativity (Digital Guide): In The Ultimate Guide of Writer’s Digest Writing Prompts, you’ll find hundreds of writing prompts to help you at any stage of the writing process. Whether you just want to write a quick paragraph on a random topic for a daily creativity outlet or are looking for ideas about creating a new character for your novel, the prompts in this PDF will offer you a match to help start the fire in your pen. ($79.99 value)

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