The "Show" Don't "Tell" Bundle

The "Show" Don't "Tell" Bundle

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"Show", don't "tell", might be the single most common piece of advice authors of fiction both give and receive. But what does this actually mean, and how can you apply the concept to your writing? The differences are usually not so easily spelled out. This kit is designed to break down the aspects of "showing" vs. "telling" so that you can create a convincing and believable world for your readers to explore. This collection contains three proven writing resources that will put your story on the path to success.

Show, Don't Tell: The Story Behind the Advice Video Download
Video Download
$29.99 Value

In this tutorial you will learn what is meant by the terms "showing" and "telling" alongside core examples of each. Show your readers your word, don't just tell them about it.

Engaging Your Readers Through Emotion, Description, and the Five Senses
OnDemand Webinar Download
$49.99 Value

The art of writing fiction is something every author will spend a lifetime developing. In this webinar you will learn how to make your readers feel as though they are physically inside your story.

Developing Believable Characters OnDemand Webinar
OnDemand Webinar Download
$79.99 Value

Every good story is energized by gripping characters that come alive on the page, stage and screen. While plot drives any screenplay, the characters make it come alive. In this ondemand webinar you will learn whether your characters are believable and understand how to improve them. Don't just TELL your readers what your characters are feeling, make them feel it themselves.

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