Writer's Digest Complete Guide to Writing Contests 2010 (PDF)

Writer's Digest Complete Guide to Writing Contests 2010 (PDF)

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The Writer's Digest's Complete Guide to:

Writing Contests


Contest Basics
Before you test your mettle, here are 7 things you need to know about submitting to contests.
By Chuck Sambuchino

The Truth About Writing Contests
You can't win if you don't enter. But before you do, take a close look at what "winning" really means.
By Amy Cook

Polish Your Work
Before you send work out to contests, get your writing in tip-top shape to better your chances.
By James Scott Bell

Best in Show
Former judges give advice on winning a screenwriting contest.
By Trai Cartwright

First Place
Meet former contest winners and learn from their stories and paths to success.
By Jennifer Benner, Scott Francis, Melissa Hill And Zachary Petit


Win a Book Deal
These 24 contests reward their winners with a juicy prize: a book contract.
Compiled by Scott Francis

Fiction Contests & Awards
Here are 70 competitions for writers of novels, short stories, novellas and more.
Compiled by Jennifer Benner

children's writing contests & awards
Here are 47 competitions for writers of young adult, middle grade, picture books and more.
Compiled by Jennifer Benner

Poetry Contests & Awards
Here are 66 competitions for writers of poetry and chapbooks.
Compiled by Jennifer Benner

Scriptwriting Contests & Awards
Here are 52 competitions for writers of screenplays, stage plays and musicals.
Compiled by Jennifer Benner

Nonfiction Contests & Awards
Here are 62 competitions for writers of nonfiction, books, memoir, articles and more.
Compiled by Jennifer Benner


Glossary of Industry Terms
If you're going to walk the walk, you'll need to talk the talk. Here's your guide to industry terms that savvy writers should know.
By Chuck Sambuchino and the Editors of Writer's Digest Books


Permission To Write a Terrible First Draft
Get the words down on paper before you worry about revision.

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