Writer's Digest Yearbook Fall 2012 (PDF)

Writer's Digest Yearbook Fall 2012 (PDF)

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You'll Love This Edition of Writer's Digest Yearbook If:

  • You are a fiction or nonfiction writer
  • You want to improve your writing
  • You want to develop your craft of writing
  • You love to read interviews with famous authors

Inspired by Writer's Digest's popular Writer's Workbook department, this definitive resource has the best content on fiction writing, nonfiction writing, and essentials that apply to every genre.

You'll find articles on improving your bio before submitting your fiction story to agents and editors, how to write for magazines, the secrets to writing your first chapter, and much more!

Complete with tip-laden interviews with bestsellers Harlan Coben, R.L. Stine, Jeannette Walls and A.J. Jacobs, Writer's Workbook packs the productive punch of weeks of workshops into 128 illuminating pages!

In This Bookazine You'll Learn:

  • How to conquer writer's block and improve your writing in 30 minutes a day
  • How to make money by writing how-to articles, and freelance travel and dining articles
  • How to conduct richer interviews

A Word From the Editor's Letter:

"Between your spouse throwing sidelong glances at swollen sacks of trash begging to be taken out, a boss nervously eyeing the summit of work on your desk around 4:59 p.m., and the rest of life's demands lurking just beyond, it's hard for us writers to catch a break to do that which we adore.

And when you think about it, it's never been easy. One thing I can remember as a scourge upon my existence as a kid in grade school,workbooks.

I loathed those workbooks for pickpocketing my time, and so I'm sure it would come as a great surprise to my former teachers that I've now gone and made one. But this is a different sort of workbook. This is my dream workbook,one crafted exclusively for writers and freelancers. It's everything I wish I'd had..."

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